• Yes, It's freaky how much she looks like Melania so, she was born to make people laugh and the show must go on!

    Benanti is always great, from her Broadway roles all the way down to her turn in the TV version of Sound of Music (she was the only good part of that one) and her role in Matthew Perry's silly sitcom about group therapy. But this--this is brilliant. Laura, I hope you realize that Colbert's writers are a thousand times better than SNL's.

  • Yes, she did.

    Her impression sounded just like Melania Trump. She got the voice and mannerisms right, which are the two most important parts of getting an impression right. She also got the speech pattern right. She doesn't have to look like Melina Trump in order to do a good impression, but it can help.

  • Yes, Laura Benanti Makes a Great Melania Trump

    Laura Benanti recently appeared on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert and did a great impression of Melania Trump. Her impression was dead-on. It was really very funny and obviosly she ahs studied the way Melania talks and moves. It was obvious in the way she delivered her very amusing speech.

  • Laura Benanti Is No Melania Trump

    While attempting to carry off the grace, demeanor and composure of Melania Trump Laura Benanti fell far short in her acting ability. Overtly playing up another's characteristics is not always the best for one's career. Benanti should quickly learn to be a better study before attempting another character assassination like her recent performance.

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