Did Laura Ingraham give a Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention?

  • It sure looked like one

    It was telling too that her final words before doing were "God Bless America", which, preceding a Nazi salute, has the same sort of hateful, aggressive rhetoric characteristic of Hitler's speeches in the 1930s. Ingraham seemed to immediately realize she was making a Nazi salute and attempt to change awkwardly to a wave, but her actions, regardless of intent, mirror the fervent nationalism that brought about WW2. As Donald Trump would say, "not good!"

  • Yes, she did.

    The video is proof that she gave a Nazi salute and was not simply waving at an odd angle as some people have tried to claim. Not only is their video proof, but Laura Ingraham has ties to white supremacy groups and other odd beliefs. There are suggestions she may be a Neo-Nazi.

  • Laura Ingraham might need to be more aware of herself when addressing the broader public.

    There are many gestures and motions that can be construed as inappropriate or offensive. While it can be difficult to stop oneself from accidentally using any of these gestures or motions, it is important to be able to recognize when we may have done so. It is obvious that Laura Ingraham started a wave to the crowd, and recognized that her gesture may be misconstrued. It appears that she tried to cover with a wave, but may have been put off by the thought that she gave a Nazi salute. She did not cover well, and continued to awkwardly wave to potentially hide her mistake. She may have appeared to give a Nazi salute at the Republican National Convention, but I believe this to have been a mistake.

    Many people, when telling a joke or story, may use the term, "Too soon?". I believe that we should limit our use of throwing around accusations that people are Nazis or believe in Nazi idealism. We can't assume the worst just because of a possible error. Being in the public eye requires additional scrutiny on one's own actions. Hopefully Laura has learned from this mistake and will be more cautious in the future when greeting the public.

  • No, Laura Ingraham did not give a Nazi salue at the Republican National Convention.

    Laura Ingraham did not purposely give a Nazi salute that the Republican National Convention. There is no evidence to suggest that Ingraham is a Nazi, nor that she would make gestures in support of Nazis. Many times someone's gestures or body language can be filmed on camera in an awkward way. It is likely that Ingraham's arm was filmed at an awkward angle which made some think of the Nazi gesture.

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