• Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama

    Mililania Trump clearly plagiarized Michelle Obama. However, the story is much ado about nothing. Barack Obama himself plagiarized speeches from other people, including John Edwards, but the press all but ignored that. Time to move on to more important things like the economy, national security, terrorism and things that really matter like ensuring Hillary Clinton does not become president of United States. God help us all of that woman is elected.

  • Yes, Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama.

    Melania Trump's speech bears striking resemblance to Michelle Obama's speech. The order of ideas is identical. The wording is very similar, and in parts, is identical with a few words added here and there. Since Trump said that she wrote the speech herself with a little help from speech writers, it means that the plagiarism was done by Melania Trump herself.

  • Yes, parts of the speech were stolen.

    Melania Trump's speechwriters knowingly plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech from 2008. It's certainly possible that one or two parts could sound similar to another speech from someone from some other point in history just by chance. However, parts of this speech were almost word-for-word copied from Obama's speech in Denver in 2008. There is very little chance that this speech was not plagiarized.

  • Yes, she did.

    There is plenty of evidence to suggest that her speech was copied in part from the speech that Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convetion several years ago. The speech is nearly word for word, and their is no chance that either her or her or staff would not know about the previous speech.

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