• Yes, many World leaders spend too much money while traveling.

    The taxpayers are on the hook when their leaders take expensive vacations. Most people do not have the luxury of making someone else pay for their trips. Therefore, it does not make sense for taxpayers to have to foot the bill all the time when their leaders take lavish vacations, spending lots of money. In short, World leaders should be more mindful of the fact that taxpayers are paying for their vacations, and not spend so much.

  • He spent too much.

    Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu spent too much money during his visit to New York. He spent more than $500,000 and he even spent about $1600 for hairstyling. I don't know how one can spend $1600 on hairstyling but that is extremely excessive. Not only that, but it was covered by taxpayer money.

  • Netanyahu is an acid spender

    Netanyahu was always known as an excess spender, not having any limits on his expenditures during business trips. He is well known for living lavishly wherever he goes sometimes renting cabins for hundreds of thousands of dollars. During his recent six day stay in New York he spent an estimate of six hundred thousand dollars. That is about one hundred thousand dollars a day. It is known that he spent twenty thousand moving furniture around, and even had a haircut for sixteen hundred dollars.

  • Got off cheap.

    According to the article, the trip cost a total of $541,886, costing over $300 per day. Sure, to most Americans, this is very extravagant but not when you compare it to our own president. According to an article in The Daily Caller in 2012, taxpayers spent $1.4 BILLION, with a "B", on the Obama family last yer. That is equivalent to over $3.8 MILLION per day. Before we criticize the spending of other world leaders, maybe we should look at our own.

  • Netanyahu can spend however much he chooses to spend

    Its really none of our business how much Netanyahu spends on his travels. He can control his own finances and make his own decisions regarding his traveling. Why individuals are wasting their time trying to judge how much and individual spends, unless it is affecting our tax dollars, is pointless.

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