• Yes, he did.

    Obama is a powerful and wealthy man. He was able to get weatlthy supporters to help bankroll the DNC. He was not the only one responsible for this, and some not all the people who helped bankroll the DNC are wealthy. This was an important step and he has been the face of the party for nearly 8 years.

  • Obama wasn't involved in DNC

    President Obama has been accused of encouraging wealthy donors to finance the Democratic National Convention. I don't think this is the case. Wealthy donors act of their own volition and don't need to be pressed on by presidents. There's no hidden agenda to get wealthy individuals to bankroll the DNC.

  • Obama doesn't need to entice anybody

    Wealthy backers already bankroll every aspect of our politicians. I don't think Obama really needs to get involved. The politically connected have been running the show for years, it's just become a little more obvious lately as we gain access to more information. By the time the election rolls around, our candidates have been handpicked to ensure their lasting loyalty to the political class.

  • No, Obama didn't entice wealthy backers to bankroll the DNC Convention.

    No, Obama didn't entice wealthy backers to bankroll the DNC Convention. There is no evidence to support that he did, so we cannot say for sure if Obama did this. We don't really know if Obama enticed wealthy backers, but Obama is a pretty good president and person so he probably didn't.

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