• Rich Quan Disses Smalls Big Time

    When rapper Lil Kim brought Rich Quan onstage to fill in for Biggie Smalls, his only job was to remember the lyrics to Biggie's song, and Quan could not even get that right. Apology or no apology, Quan's mental lapse shows a complete lack of respect for someone that he professes to have grown up listening to, and for someone that he acknowledges is a major contributor to rap's history.

  • Rich Quan disrespected Biggie Smalls

    Rich Quan was supposed to sing a song by Biggie Smalls recently as part of a hip-hop tribute on the VH1 channel. However, he forgot the lyrics to Smalls' hit song "Get Money." This is an incredibly disrespectful action. If Rich Quan wants to be a famous rapper, he should first know the canon created by his forebears.

  • Rich Quan did not disrespect Biggie. He made a mistake.

    I perform for a musical with eight shows a week. You would think the performers would be absolutely solid on spoken and sung words. But even they make mistakes, after sometimes hundreds of shows in a familiar, friendly environment. Why? Because they are human, and humans make mistakes. Quan had to perform in an intensely stressful venue, it was a one-off performance, and his nerves simply got the best of him. He made a mistake which was unfortunately viewed and dissected by people with no clue what performing is like.

  • No, Rich Quan didn't diss Biggie.

    No, Rich Quan didn't diss Biggie. He simply forgot the words, probably because of his drug and alcohol habits. I believe it was an accident and if Rich Quan had been more prepared he would have done Biggie justice. Unfortunately, he experienced a flop and we all must move on.

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