• Roman Polanski killed his wife

    What kind of man puts his 8 months pregnant wife on a boat to America and stays behind in London doing who knows what to underage girls? He though the baby was not his and for some reason that bothered him. He arranged the murder of his wife and her love Jay Sebring.

  • Indirectly he did

    What kind of man puts his 8 months pregnant wife on a boat and ships her across the ocean. Then stays in London doing who knows what to underage girls and also to avoid his wifey as much as possible because he complained that the pregnancy made her b*tchy and he wanted the old Sharon back

  • It's possible no one killed her.

    Her autopsy is incomplete. She's not in the social security death index. There is no fetal death record (a requirement before burial even it shares a coffin with its mother.) As far as public records go she's more likely not to have been killed than to have been. Her death may very well have been a hoax.

  • Roman Polanski did not kill his wife.

    The investigations have turned up no such evidence to suggest that Roman Polanski had anything to do with his wifes death. The death was conclusively ruled a murder by members of a cult. This cult was led by Charles Manson. They admitted to the murders and were subsequently sent to trial and convicted for the crime. Roman Polanski was nowhere near the killings.

  • We don't know.

    Roman Pulanski did not kill his wife, because there is not enough evidence as to who killed his wife. His wife was tragically murdered. After all of the horrors that Polanski's parents went through in World War II, it is unlikely that Polanski would have done something so horrific as murder his wife.

  • No, Roman Polanski didn't kill his wife.

    I do not think that Roman Polanski killed his wife. While it is safe to say that Roman Polanski isn't the most admirable human being, he shouldn't be called a murderer just because he may be guilty of another crime. I do think that Roman Polanski should be deported back to the states and be imprisoned.

  • No He Did Not

    There is no reason to believe that Roman Polanski killed his wife. Polanski was married to Sharon Tate and she was murdered by Charles Manson along with his followers. Polanski was in a completely different country when the incident happened and he had absolutely no connection to Mason at all. Why would this question even be asked?

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