Did "Seinfeld" take a turn for outright bizareness in season 5?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Though not as much as season 6 and later, the tendencies of season 6 and later started showing in season 5

    The show started incorporating weird moments, such as Kramer's encounter with a pigman (really a fat mental patient LMAO). You had George with the fire for instance. You had the raincoats with Rudy. You had George being a marine biologist. I absolute believe "Seinfeld" season 5 and later is a turn to outright bizareness. LMAO

    Subliminally in my heart, I love season 6 and later for one reason: to stick it to arrogant-ass KKK "Friends" fans (since that piece of ---- permiered when "Seinfeld" began its six season in the fall of 1994).

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