Did the government invent AIDS to get rid of certain groups of people like homosexuals?

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  • No, the government did not invent AIDS to get rid of groups like homosexuals.

    AIDS has been a deadly disease that with a huge cost on society. The government is not made up of evil people that seek to cause harm and kill off certain groups of people that some may find undesirable. Our society has paid a huge price tag for AIDS; both in terms of human and monetary costs. If anything, our government's goal is to someday eradicate this terrible disease so that society is no longer plagued by its terrible costs.

  • The government did invent AIDS; they just didn't help combat it

    If you are looking for a great book that thoroughly examines the politics surrounding the AIDS epidemic, I strongly encourage a reading of The Band Played ON by Randy Shilts. In the book he shows how AIDS was quite prominent in the gay communities of San Francisco during the 1970s and early 80s. The Reagan Administration was certainly alerted to the fact of how HIV was spreading like crazy, but because of the "gay disease" connotation it had they more or less turned a blind eye on the problem.

    If it were a disease that affected rich, upper class, white Republicans, they probably would have been able to locate the funding to help combat the problem. In this day in age I'd like to argue that a parallel can be drawn to the water crisis of Flint, Michigan. Had this problem been occurring in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, it would have been dealt with more efficiently and effectively.

  • The government did not invent AIDS to get rid of certain groups of people like homosexuals

    The government did not invent AIDS to get rid of certain groups of people like homosexuals. Conspiracy theories like this are comical. Does anyone think that a government that is so inept at so many things could actually pull something like this off? Not a chance. Time for people to perpetrate a different hoax on us like, I don't know, man made global warming, or cooling, or whatever the flavor of the day is.

  • AIDS was not a government invention

    The auto-immune disease known as AIDS does, unfortunately, have many conspiracy theories surrounding it. One of these theories alleges that the disease was "made up" by the government as a plot to get rid of homosexuals. I don't think that this is the case: though AIDS was, in the 80s, labelled the "gay disease," it is a disease that, sadly, does not discriminate based on orientation. Not only that, scientific evidence shows that AIDS is a real disease - not a government fabrication.

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