• yes, ISIS killed this priest

    Yes, this priest was killed by ISIS. ISIS is known for carrying out attacks, as it is a terrorist organization. These attacks are often against followers of other religions, including Hindu. The militant group ISIS needs to be identified as the entire world for what it is, an organization of terrorists that needs to be stopped.

  • Yes, this Hindu priest was murdered by the Islamic State

    Bangladesh was in an uproar after a Hindu priest was beheaded. I believe that the Islamic State is to blame for this horrific incident. The State has been the cause of many such murders in the area and they are working to disrupt the peaceful existence that many Bangladeshi citizens have come to trust.

  • Yes, the Islamic State took credit for the priest's murder.

    Yes, the Islamic State did kill the Hindu priest in Bangladeshi. The Islamic State openly took credit for the attack and released the basic details of how the murder was carried out. Although the government of Bangladeshi has made statements asserting that the Islamic State is not active within their country, their police force have corroborated the basic details of the attack upon the Hindu priest that cost him his life.

  • There was no justice against Hindu

    Not because they do not encomtraron the murderer to avenge his family and that WILL was also because it is against the law
    because the law does not hiso death happened nadacuandothe Hindu perhaps had family and leave them alone and guerfanosI was his son braulio leave that poor dude guerfano

  • No supporting evidence supplied.

    While the Islamic State has been responsible for many horrific deaths around the world, there is no supporting evidence supplied in the question. This could be referring to any Hindu priest that was killed in the world at any point in time, of which the Islamic State cannot be held accountable for every single one. With more detail, a better decision can be made.

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