• Right wing media played a role in Trump's rise.

    Of course, the right wing media played a role in Trump's rise as did the discontentment of the general populous. The rising cost of living combined with the rising threat of terrorists both nationally and internationally have the American people dissatisfied and mistrustful of the current government. The right wing media plays successfully to that audience and when Trump fills that void when he uses catchphrases such as "I can make American great again." People would like to feel successful and powerful again as a country and will look to anyone declaring that they can do that again. The right wing media is simply one of the powerful forums for that.

  • Media is against Trump.

    I don't think that ring wing media helped propel Trump's rise. Instead, I think that media on both sides of the fence pretty much wishes he would go away. His rise even with this negative coverage proves that it is the people who really want Trump, not the government or the media.

  • Many conservatives still oppose Trump

    The right wing media was very much opposed to the prospect of Donald Trump becoming the Republican presidential candidate. Many conservative media outlets continue to be critical of the Trump campaign and speak out against him. His feud with members of Fox News did not help him among conservatives and most Republicans remain reluctant to accept him as their candidate.

  • The right wing media did not propel Trump

    The right wing media has not helped propel Donald Trump's rise to the Republican nomination. In the past, he has disagreed with many of their positions, including flip-flopping on gun control and social issues such as gay marriage. The conservative talk shows would have preferred another nominee, such as Rubio or Cruz.

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