Did this Ann Coulters' quote influence your prospective vote for Trump?

  • No, it did not.

    I have no intention of voting for Trump and I never did. He has some horrible policies and has said and done some horrible things. The thing about building a wall and getting the mexicans to pay for it was enough to make me want to make sure he never holds any office.

  • I don't care about Ann Coulter

    There's nothing that Ann Coulter could do or say to get me to vote for Donald Trump. She's only relevant because somebody keeps sticking a microphone in her face. Although the timing of her book and Trump's immigration flip-flop were fortuitous for her, I doubt that she'll have any meaningful impact on the race.

  • No one's perspective will influence my decision on Trump

    Trump has shown who he is and what he is. Ann Coulters' views do not sway me at all. I can make up my own mind on Donald Trump, and I have. Nothing she says, and certainly nothing he says, can influence what I already feel. He has shown who he is and if he changes his message and begins speaking to me, and others like me, I would simply say that he's lying in order to get our votes.

  • No, anything Ann Coulter says is irrelevant.

    No, Ann Coulter is a shill making good living preaching nonsense to an existing fanbase, just like Bill O'Reilly, Al Sharpton or Michael Moore. Anything such people say or endorse can be safely ignored. In fact, it is better to actively avoid hearing their opinions to prevent clouding one's own mind. It is better to rely on actual facts and personal judgment without opinionated background noise.

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