• Yes, they did.

    The US goverment has been involved in some strange missions and it appears as if this is one of them. It is a strange thing to do, but it appears as if it has been successful. Iran is like many courntries, very particular about music, and the US found a way to use that as a weapon.

  • Yes, US Hacks Iran

    I am sure the US government is guilty of hacking Iran with music. The government seems to be guilty of everything naughty lately and I am sure that this is something they have done as well. Our government is always interested in exactly what is going on in other countries, especially the Middle East, so I am sure they are guilty.

  • Yes, the United States government did hack Iran with music.

    The United States government most likely did actively hack Iran with music. The country has long been an adversary and threat to America. Therefore, the United States military and intelligence gathering apparatus likely hacked Iran to thwart the country's development of nuclear weapons. In addition to hacking the country with music, there were reports about a devastating computer virus that shut down Iranian military sites a few years ago.

  • Music hacking wasn't part of the US government plan

    The United States government was allegedly hacking Iran through the use of music. I don't think that this is the case because American computer skills are much more sophisticated than that. We'd never stoop so low as to use music to compromise Iranian computer servers - we have other ways of achieving that goal.

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