Did Will Smith insinuate white males should be "cleansed" from the U.S.?

Asked by: themassesaredumb
  • Sure, history doesn't EXACTLY repeat itself...But it does repeat concepts

    Ok, let's get this out of the way first, it was reported Smith said: "As painful as it is to hear Donald Trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an American to hear him talk, I think it's good we get to hear it. We get to know who people really are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country."

    Few example sources: (1) and (2)

    For those with reading disabilities: the following is NOT hate speech nor a call to violence; just a 'loose' line of comparative thinking.

    Now, if libtards are allowed to make huge meritless leaps in rationalization using mental gymnastics, then can I not "play" too? Here we go...

    Basic fact, Trump's base supporters are largely white males. (Read it again, I said 'largely', which is not ALL). If I were to employ liberal mental gymnastics (you know, the same way they do to essentially label everything as racist/discriminatory), then it would be 'liberal-logical' to suggest Smith called for the white males to be "cleansed."

    Now, I'm not the biggest history buff, but there's a very remarkable similarity occurring [literally] right now in the U.S. that is comparable to the N A Z I rise. First, you vilify a selected group, and make them the source of all your problems. This is exactly what libtards/progressives are breeding in universities/colleges right now. Side note, is it not funny that most of the U.S. population has the highest standard of living in the world? Even if you're in what the U.S. classifies as poor, you have access to things of which most wouldn't dream? Another side note, EVERYONE has had the exact same rights for decades now. When you scream you don't have equal rights, I hear we want special treatment.

    Back on track... So, after years of breeding this BS mentality of diversity is superior (as long as it doesn't include whites), folks start buying into it and believing they really do have problems (*cough, cough, BS*), and those problems are purely because of white males. Second, you start enacting laws in favor of a particular group, in this case, anyone who is not white (and male). This has been going on for a while... All the BS talk about how whites have special this and that, NO, they don't; they literally do not have special laws/programs specifically for them. It's actually quite the opposite, white males have to work longer/harder while other groups get a special boost.

    Third, comes the blatant hate (now they everyone (non-whites) think they're special and know 'who to blame') and special references. You know the reference(s): cleanse, final solution, and so on... And here it is, good ol' Smith, calling for a 'cleanse'. Yeah, he didn't say white-males, but it's understood, right? In the same way the N A Z Is understood the 'final solution'...

    That leaves the final step... Who will be the courageous leader that rises up to enact this 'cleanse'?

  • Only if you stand on one leg, hop up and down and squint.

    And even then you would need an internal bias larger than Denmark.
    Themassesaredumb over on the YES side has the tools to make the leap of imagination necessary to interpret Smiths words in the worst possible way, while copper plating those words with bile and invective.
    They then go on to link Smiths words with the rise of the Nazi's, an imagined final solution and black supremacy, as though it was a thing.
    You know what a fair interpretation of what Will Smith meant when he gave his opinion, it is this. Trump is the source of bad ideas, ideas that are divisive, counter productive and insane. Its good we get to hear them and identify people who hold those bad ideas so we can cleanse these bad ideas from society. Not with violence but with cool, impartial reason.

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