• Another Hollywood murder by passed by Celeb fame and money.

    I really like this guy. So when I initially heard the story I felt bad for him, then once more details came into light I realized that he delayed , not because he was in shock , because he was thinking on what he would say.That is what liar do, that is what murderers do that want to get rid of their wife. If he gets a divorce then he looks like an arrogant donkay butt, but if she drowns , because she is "so dependent " that is would seem legit. His face lies, his actions lie. His poor wife and her family, but one it will come out. Because , someone knows, the arrogant ones always tell somebody. Kittykritic

  • She was a strong swimmer

    He wasn't around and she was a fit, strong swimmer. How do you just drown in your own pool? There must've been foul play. Plus, he was convicted of murder once before about three weeks before the Wonderland murders. It was a very publicized case and although he denied it, the evidence was overwhelming. But like most celebrities he had a phenomenal legal team to get him through.

  • Captain Kirk killed his wife.

    It wasn't possible to charge Shatner with murder because he had his wife's body cremated the following day before a proper autopsy could be performed, yet the EMS team that attended the 911 call Shatner made, logged bruises and abrasions and a broken vertebrae in her neck/back as injuries to her body. The circumstances of Shatner's wife's death don't add up into anything other than highly suspicious. Captain Kirk is a murderer.

  • Yes, he did.

    While I think that it probably will never actually be proved in a court of law, I think that it is very likely that William Shatner also known as Captain James Tiberious Kirk, did indeed kill his wife so that he could find a new one to shack up with, that's for sure.

  • He got away with it

    He was about to get divorced. She ended up dead in a swimming pool, even though she was in great shape. No weapon was needed. He's an actor and played to the news cameras about how "upset" he was about it. When he called 911, she was still at the bottom of the pool.

  • Freedom for the guilty

    How he is not in jail blows my mind, guess you can do what you want even murder if you have money. There's no way she drowned, also how was he allowed to cremate her the next day? Lousy investigation, he's so guilt its pathetic. Can't understand how anyone in Hollywood would work with him.

  • Guilty but free

    He is very guilty. But courts were correct not to convict since the overwhelming amount of evidence was still circumstantial in the end. He got away with it. So it is up to we the public to punish him by boycotting his income sources. We should also ignore him and pretend he doesn't exist. He is a nonentity.

  • Look at the default picture. Those are the eyes of a murderer.

    He has a distinct composure that he shares with Amanda Knox. Those dead Alligator Eyes. He lives with the knowledge he killed a human being every day of his life. He was at his worst when he was with that woman from the pudgy face and pockmarked skin. Then after she dies he reinvents himself. He didn't want to be with her and he didn't want to lose his money and possessions because of her so he got rid of her plain and simple.

  • Captain Kirk killed his wife.

    Guilty is as guilty does. I thought he looked guilty during the during TV interview when he cried those crocodile tears about his poor wife, I couldn't believe there was only me thinking give this guy an oscar, he was so appallingly bad at pretending to be upset I yelled out loudly in front of the TV - what a lying scumbag! He's guilty as hell!

  • He did it!

    He mishandled the call, he had the body cremated quickly, he shows all signs of a masochist-likelihood he helped her get drunk and gave her the pills to damage her credibility and make it look like an accident-I am surprised police department did not do a better investigation. Imagine what he carries in his conscience- his loses!

  • No way. I just don't buy it.

    To this day, I have yet to see any evidence to convince me that William Shatner is capable of having murdered his wife, let alone done so. All I see are tabloid conspiracy theories based on hearsay and character assassination, my favorites of which are from the YES column of this page, such as diagnosing Shatner with schizophrenia while simultaneously assigning the motive as a morbid fear of being publicly outed as a bald man leading to a calculated toupee cover-up (no pun intended). Simply ridiculous. Keep in mind, too, that it is exceedingly easy to scrutinize with a cool head any 911 call recording, Think about it for a moment.

  • A shallow pool

    The broken neck is probably due to her depression, sleeping pills and the fact that she was drunk. She was depressed and drunk with a swimming pool that had a shallow end. Being drunk she jumped into the pool and broke her neck, if she was still alive she dround while not Confucius

  • Ever break someones neck?

    Blow to the head, suffocation, cut artery, all relatively easy to do. Broken neck... No so much. You see guys on TV snapping necks all the time, that move is damn near impossible. His wife was a drunk, pill popper that had depression issues... Add the shallow end of the pool and the broken neck... Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.

  • No, he didn't

    The toxicology showed she had been drinking heavily and the injuries she suffered were consistent with hitting her head on the pool after a dive. She may have been in excellent shape but she was drunk and therefore impaired. No reason to presume foul play. No reason to continue the rumors.

  • Sleeping pills and a drunk wife

    Okay, first of all kirk is dead, and the toupee is not a secret, it never was! Nerine battled with alcoholism during her time with Shatner and was twice arrested for driving under the influence. She was also taking sleeping pills , he hung up on 911 out of sheer grief! There was also no named MOTIF for killing his wife in the first place!

  • Aside from the fact William Shatner had no motive and alibis,

    Final autopsy results showed that Nerine Shatner had been drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills the night she drowned in the swimming pool behind her home.

    The former model and aspiring actress, who had two drunk-driving convictions and had been treated several times for alcoholism, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.27%, more than three times the legal limit for driving, according to the autopsy report.

    Doctors found bruises on her face and two cracked neck vertebrae that indicated she dived into the pool, banged her head on the bottom and lost consciousness.

    Medical Doctors with specialist forensic pathology training, expert court witnesses on the subject, conducted an autopsy, and came to this conclusion. It takes approx 15 years of post high school education and training to become a forensic pathologist. Defer to the experts.

  • Dishonor star fleet? I don't think so!

    William Shatner was accused of killing his wife but i dont belive it, there is no proof and no reasonable intention, and even if there was scarring on her body some evidence suggests A gang of Star Wars fans might have done it to protest against Star Trek's similar plot

  • No there is not enough proof to show otherwise

    No I do not believe William Shatner killed his wife. I think the rumors were spread by someone trying to cause trouble to him. With that said it could be possible but the case is so old now and there is no real evidence to really show anyone to feel differently.

  • No!!! Not Guilty!

    I think the people saying he did are scorned women that have watched too much lifetime television and Star Trek haters. He has never been accused or convicted of the crime in the court of law and circumstances indicate while boozing up his wide dove into the shallow end of a pool and broke her kneck.


    Given the fact that she was home alone (and wasted), and there were guard dogs present and her husband's whereabouts are accounted for, we are ruling out foul play. This pretty much proves that he didn't. She was drunk. Drunk people drown when they fall into a large body of water. Whoda thunk it?

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