• Alicia Witt provides stellar performance

    Alicia Will performed admirably in her role on "The Walking Dead". She brought her character to life and introduced a riveting character to the ensemble cast. She was believable in her role and created enough mystery with her character to make one want more. Her performance was subtle, understated and brilliant.

  • Do Not Watch

    I do not watch that show so I would not know how her performance is. I do not even know what she looks like. I do not know any plot points or anything. I have seen one episode and I cannot remember any of the character's names, let alone the actors' names.

  • That show's too scary!

    I watched a few minutes of the first episode of "The Walking Dead," but found it a little too scary for me. I watched "Fear the Walking Dead," and it wasn't so bad, so maybe I could try again, but generally, zombies are too much for me, so I try to avoid them.

  • No, I don`t like her.

    As a huge Walking Dead fan, I have to say.. who is this person, character wise? I have read all the comics to date and though I know they go outside of the box sometimes between the show and the graphic novels.. this character (or her kidnapping actions) just don't seem to fit with any of the ladies of the Saviors (there are few of note) in the comic series. Her nastiness is more reminiscent of Lucille, but can we really classify her as a lady? Lucille surely is no lady!

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