Did you graduate from high school (yes) or are you a drop out (no)?

Asked by: joseph.stracener
  • I graduated from high school.

    I am proud to say that I am a high school graduate. It took a lot of work, but I am glad that I kept
    working at it until I reached my goal.
    Job prospects are not good for people who didn’t graduate from high
    school. Hopefully soon, I will be a
    college graduate also.

  • Yes, I Did

    Yes, I graduated from high school about seventeen years ago.

    I'm not sure what further elaboration is required to answer this opinion topic in order to reach the fifty word minimum. Perhaps some random unimportant rambling is what is necessitated by the inane requirements of this debating and opinion website.

  • I am a drop out

    I am a drop out of high school and I am not very proud of it and I want to go back and get my diploma. Right now i am stuck with a dead end job living with my parents so if your reading this do not drop out of high school

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