• Fat acceptance is death acceptance!!!!!!!!!!

    When you have a caloric surplus you gain fat, when you have a caloric deficit you LOSE fat.... Being overweight kills almost as many people as smoking. @MercedesK is being retarded... If i eat a bacon double cheeseburger its gonna cost me 2 hours of cardio diet is bigger than exercise in getting healthy.

  • Diet and exercise!

    You can diet to lose weight, but to get fit, you'll need to exercise! Being in shape is important because people tend to be happier when they are healthier. I chose exercise because I personally think that you'll be in shape, faster! But, diet is the way to go for some people because they don't have time to exercise.

    Posted by: MC06
  • Hell no! Wtf?

    If you wanna lose weight then exercise but no one should make you do anything you don't wanna do. What the fuck is wrong with people these days? Tryna change people and its not for the batter. Y'all people need to fuck off honestly get a fucking life ass holes .

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