• Warnings should be posted and probably a barrier around the beach water area

    Disney obviously knows that there are gators in their waters. They even have a program in place to remove any gators that have been sighted. They should have warning signs at all of their beaches and along the shorelines. For the beaches, whether or not guests are allowed to swim in, Disney should create a barrier in the water (a fence or netting) so that gators cannot get into that area.

  • Yes, Disney could have prevented the gator attack that occurred

    Yes, Disney could have prevented the gator attack that occurred that resulted in a two-year-old boy being killed. Disney should have had more warning signs around the area. Furthermore, Disney should have made sure that children could not get too close to the man-made lake where the attack occurred in order to keep them safe.

  • Disney could have prevented the attack

    Although these animals roam in the wild, I think Disney could do a better job of ensuring they stay away from their resorts. Obviously, they are a huge threat to the people staying there, so they should do everything in their power to prevent them from ever coming close to their resort guests, such as hiring more people to take them away when they do get close.

  • Disney World should have greater security measures

    The tragic news story of a toddler carried off by a gator rocked the world recently, but what is most jarring is that this incident happened at Walt Disney World, commonly known as the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney World is responsible for the safety and comfort of its patrons, and they should be aware that their park exists in gator territory. By ignoring the relationship between these factors, the park risks another preventable gator attack.

  • Disney should have been prepared for the gator attack through warnings

    The boy got dragged into the waters at the shore of the Disney Grand Floridian resort. It is a given that in Florida, gator capital, that there could be a danger of contact with alligator. Alligators are known to travel on land. So it makes no difference if a person is just walking by the shore and being vigilant. However, an adult is more able to defend himself, and take appropriate action than a child. The Disney resort should have been prepared accordingly. There should be signs posted warning guests that there are alligators nearby. Perhaps families with young children will elect to use the hotel pool and facilities, instead of hanging around the shore, and swimming in the lake. It is good policy to make people aware of the danger. Then people will know how to prepare and act accordingly.

  • You can never prevent everything. No matter how hard you try.

    How many people have been attacked by Alligators at Disney World and associated parks since the park(s) opened? Answer: 1.
    This is not a major problem nor was it perceived to be a major problem because of things like the alligator removal program. This was a horrible accident that ended in the tragic death of a young boy. But you cannot prevent all accidents no matter what steps you take. History indicated Disney's efforts to protect their guests against alligators had worked for decades. One incident does not make this a massive problem, it makes this a tragic accident.

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