Dividing California: Should California be divided into two separate states?

  • Northern California Needs Its Own Vote

    The southern half of the state has an overwhelming population advantage and therefore carries the vote of the entire state. The problem is that many Californians are republican and do not agree with the ultra liberal stance the state takes. Dividing the state would allow for the actual will of the populace to be heard. Which would be closer to 50/50 than you might think.

  • This is disenfranchisement of dissenting opinion.

    When you have a massive population in the south of California that overwhelms the vote of the North and makes it useless, it is either time to add proportional representation of delegates or split a state.

    To not do such is to say the votes of dissenters shouldn't be counted and that any who disagree with the will of a majority should be silenced in not only a state election but also a national. The population of California is too great and too much of a giveaway of free delegates and the power California has needs to be reassessed to a standard of reasonableness.

    Split the state in the middle or add proportional representation

  • It absolutely should

    We're governed by the representative from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Taxation without representation is what it is. Los Angeles just loves letting illegals in from Mexico... For the votes. The Bay Area can keep their homosexual mental problems. Libtards deserve to suffer the fate of your own votes at your own expense. Idiots!

  • Yes it should then all of u r stupid who said no

    It said 80 percent of water goes to California . Have was the hells angels and the Mongols were the bottom by san Diego. . It would be better with no gov at all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Sure, lets split California

    I'm all in favor of splitting California up into two different states because I'm a Democrat.

    Right now, California gets two Senators. Both of these Senators figure to be Democrats far into the forseeable future. If California was split into two states then that would mean an additional two Senators would be added to Congress and both of these Senators would be Democrats far into the forseeable future.

    This is also the reason California would never be split into two states. There is NO possible way that Republicans would accept another two Democratic Senators being added to Congress. Even if the people of California wanted to split their state in half, such a measure would be fought tooth and nail by those who wish to keep the balance of power as it stands now.

  • No, is good

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  • What is the point?

    As a citizen of Wisconsin, I see no reasoning behind this, except perhaps the arrogance of citizens of the major cities. Also, the time and money spent on this could be better spent. There are far more important issues that deciding whether or not a state should be split in two.

  • No, Total BS Reasoning.

    It's total BS and I'm tired of everyone in southern California who are for it pretending that this move is anything more than Los Angeles and San Fransisco being so self-indulgent that they want to be their own state. We all know that this is the only reason, there's nothing else. I live in northern California and I know what the southerners think of us, they think we're all hippie potheads which isn't true. The presence is there, yeah, but not all of us are like that. They've cultivated this idea of what California "really" is and have spread it around so efficiently to the rest of the country that most people are legitimately surprised that California exists further north than San Fransisco. I wish I was making that up. If there are other reasons for the split, I say prove it. Let us in the north keep the name California and you in the south become Jefferson.

  • The government has no time and money for it.

    Currently there are 53 representatives for California in the government. There is no way not one representative is from Jefferson state or some smaller area in California. Also, splitting a big state will take big bucks. Does the government really have the money and time to perform these actions? All of these actions are to set up a slightly more efficient government. We have other things to worry about than making and raising a new flag.

  • No, they are unified.

    No, California should not be divided into two separate states, because California is a powerhouse at it is. California is a leader among states. People often look to what the California courts do in order to set social policy for the rest of the country. With California so powerful, they should maintain it by staying unified.

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