DNC insiders detail months of escalating dysfunction. Should the RNC face the same level of scrutiny?

  • Everyone should be held to the same standards

    Both parties should face high levels of scrutiny, especially at a time when there is a presidential election in the works. When people vote in primaries, they do so because they want to have a say in who their candidate is. If the system is corrupt, that's saying their vote doesn't matter.

  • Yes, they should.

    The RNC has it's own serious problems than need to be taken care of. They may have also tried to influence voters using unethical and unorthodox means. They should be subject to the same level of scrutiny as the DNC in order to level the playing field and make things even.

  • Yes, the RNC should face the same level of scrutiny as the DNC.

    Yes, the RNC should be held just as responsible for escalating dysfunction as the DNC because both parties contribute to the dysfunction currently thriving in the political system. The RNC has created dysfunction through escalating disagreements with the DNC just as much as the DNC has held their ground on policies that could move the country forward in a positive manner.

  • The RNC should be examined more closely

    Evidently the Democratic National Convention (more commonly known as the DNC) has suffered through months of being a dysfunction junction. These headlines completely ignore the turmoil that's happening on the other side of the aisle at the Republican National Convention. The RNC should be scrutinized as well - dysfunction doesn't pay attention to political parties.

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