• Yes, she should withdraw

    Hillary Clinton was on trial during her campaign. She has lied to the public and switched her stance on many different things during her campaign. Hillary is willing to do anything she can in order to be elected. I don't see the US becoming a great nation again under either candidate. Hillary is going to use her power and her words to get into office and then the world will know how corrupt she is.

  • No, she should not.

    Hillary Clinton's staff members may have participated in some deceitful practices, but that does not mean her entire campaign should be thrown out. If that were to happen, all the canidates who have ever run should be declared ineligible, because every politician uses some form of deceitful practice, including Bernie Sanders who has lied about his past.

  • No she should continue as she was before.

    No Hillary Clinton should not withdraw her attempt at becoming the next President. Politics is a messy game, with lots of horrible people involved and lots of nasty tactics. The DNC leak is just another episode in the world of politics, it should have no impact on her trying to become President. Anybody who doesn't like it needs to take a step back from politics because that's the way it is.

  • No, Hillary Clinton should not withdraw her run for the presidency.

    Hillary Clinton should not withdraw her run for the presidency. Yes, many consider Hillary to be a flawed candidate. Furthermore, much of the electorate does not trust her, and will likely vote against her in the election. However, the Democratic Party really does not have any other viable candidates to replace her. Therefore, Hillary is probably the best bet the Democrats have of winning the presidency.

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