DNC platform chair involved in ethics scandal: should he be forced to step down?

  • Yes, the DNC plantform chair involved in the ethics scandal should be forced to step down.

    The Democractic National Convention has chosen it's first female presidential nominee. Although we live in a country of equal women's rights, there is still part of our society that believes a woman will not be an effective leader. To engage that part of society the DNC's must gain and retain the trust of the public. If the DNC platform chair was willing to withhold correspondence so an insurance merger could be approved, what else would he be willing to do? If the platform chair were allowed to stay and more evidence of ethical corruption were to surface, it would dim the view of the DNC in the public's eye. In order for the DNC to insure they have a fair and valid chance for their candidate to win the presidential nomination, the platform chair must be removed so the DNC can retain the trust of their constituents.

  • The DNC platform chair involved in ethics scandal should be forced to step down

    The DNC platform chair involved in ethics scandal should be forced to step down. The reality is where there is an ethics violation, the DNC will not be too far behind. Time for the party to re-set and look for an ethical leader, if it is even possible to find an ethical democrat. Good luck with that.

  • The Democratic Party is riddled with scandals and needs an overhaul

    In the wake of all the news about Hillary Clinton's email server scandal, there is a new scandal afoot that will rock the Democratic Party once more. The DNC platform chair, Dannel Malloy, is now involved in an ethics scandal. It's time for him to step down: the Democratic Party doesn't need any more trouble.

  • Yes, this is unacceptable for someone on the rules committee.

    Any elected official caught in an unethical act should face the consequences. Governor Malloy is on the DNC's rules committee, which makes it even more unacceptable. He should most definitely be forced off of that committee, and should probably lose his job as governor, too. If his actions can be proven, there is no doubt that this should happen.

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