DNC Turns Off Lights Over Bernie Supporters From Oregon, Did They Go Too Far?

  • Yes, the DNC went way too far

    The Bernie Sanders had every right to be upset. First the email showed that the DNC had sabotaged their candidate. Then Hillary Clinton actually hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz in what was the most arrogantly transparent example of a corrupt quid pro quo as we've seen in recent history. Then their own candidate sold out to Mrs. Clinton, becoming a traitor to his own cause. After all this the DNC could have at least left the lights on.

    Posted by: SM29
  • Bernie Sanders supporters were disrespected at DNC

    The Democratic National Convention literally tried to keep Bernie Sanders supporters in the dark. In a move that is the exact opposite of being open minded and embracing party unity, the DNC used scripted chants, noise machines and tricks with the lights in an attempt to block out Sanders' supporters. These people have a right to be heard and vote their conscience.

  • Yes, the DNC went too far by turning off the lights on Bernie supporters.

    The DNC owes more than just a simple apology to Bernie Sanders supporters. What they did was egregious and completely undermines our political system. By shutting the lights off on supporters, the DNC is showing they are not apologetic toward their actions and feel justified in doing anything at all to help Hillary.

  • Yes, they did.

    Turning the lights off some of the Bernie supporters was going a little too far. The Bernie supporters are really upset that their canidate did not win the nomination, and actions like this are not the way for the DNC to win them over. They should have listened more to their concerns.

  • No, let's show some respect

    No, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta should have been shown respect as it was his time to speak at the DNC. This Oregon group should have had the manners to behave themselves. Especially as a political group, they should have given Panetta his time to speak as he practiced free speech. The United States government is based on this freedom and Panetta was a guest speaker at this event.

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