Do 13 year olds have the freedom to express how they feel without being criticised?

Asked by: Jezzkay
  • I am thirteen

    Ok look, people are like you're a teenager what do yo know? Well look i may be thirteen but i am still a human being and i still deserve to be able to express my feelings. Who says we should be criticized? Who has that right the answer is no one. Believe it or not 13 teen year olds are people too we do have feelings so we deserve this right.

  • Yes they do.

    Everybody should be able to express the way they feel about something. Just because a thirteen year old has a different opinion from what you have does not mean you should criticize them. They are just children. They are still learning. They are still trying to figure out what is good for them, so why not let them express how they feel about something. If they are expressing something to a parent, the parent should be happy that their child is learning. Because being able to express how you feel about something is demonstrating that you now have views and that you are learning.

  • Yes, all of them have to do it.

    Every 13 year old male or female has the freedom to tell their own parents and friends personally how they feel. Because in every human's life, nobody decerves to feel worthless, and they don't want to be criticized either. Plus, If you're a parent reading this, then do not criticize anybody.

  • You dont wake up one day and be like, "I wanna be gay mommy!!"

    Look, 13 may seem like a young age but it is still a number. What about 18? Is that too young?? Please, many people figure out if they are homosexual or not around the ages 5-12. Like seriously, lets just say you look at a boy who is hot and can go up to him and be like "Dude your cute, Your a jerk , but hella hot" Normally people would be too scared, now lets say you see a hella hot girl you would proabably be nervous. Its just who you like. You shouldnt critize them, its not like they wake up one day and be like "I wanna be Gay Mommy!!"

  • Everyone has a right but a 13 year old shouldn't be anything sexual but they have rights

    They have the right to express how they feel but if they're out saying "I'm gay/straight" they're too young to be attracted to anything. But others do have the right to criticize them as much as they have the right to express their opinions/ beliefs. But they're still young so they probably are still with their guardian's beliefs but i think around high school they can start being homosexaul or hetrosexual

  • Society has influenced them too much

    Without the latest clothing or the newest makeup product can teens or girls as young as 8 be accepted as how they are? Can they eat what they want without having the label 'fat'? I don't think so. Societies image has influenced them into thinking that they are not perfect without the newest items, which clothing wise is becoming rather reviling.

  • I don't think so.

    It's hard for us because they don't want be looked at badly. Also,we've gone down hill. Girl's don't accept who they are. We don't want to be "loners" or "outcast" or be called fat. Please be yourself. I know your friend are being "fake" because they don't want you to make fun of them. I'm 13 but I don't care who I am. I'm proud of myself.

  • No, and never will. Too many "Adult Issues."

    Thirteen-year-olds do not have the freedom to express how they feel without being criticized. I have asked an adult that was obviously sad what was wrong. She looked at me and said, "You wouldn't understand, sweetie. Adult issues." People do not listen to kids but unfortunately, they never will. If you're older than someone else, it is always the natural response to think you are superior over them.

  • No one has that "freedom"

    Freedom of expression means exactly what it says, the right to express your views/thoughts/feelings no matter how unpopular they may be. No one gets the luxury of riding through life saying how they feel without someone else challenging them. If someone says something completely asinine and no one verbally disagrees with them, then they'll just go through life believing/standing by whatever asinine thought pattern they have. In turn, no kind of progress is made.

    Criticism isn't always a bad thing, there is such a thing as constructive criticism. It would be nice if everyone gave constructive criticism, but that's unrealistic, you're going to have to deal with negativity your entire life, so you may as well get used to it.

  • Our opinion doesn't matter

    People between the ages 13 to 19 feel like their opinion is not taken to consideration or even listened to. This is a big problem in society today and should be fixed. 13 to 19 year olds should be able to have a say, but aren't even listened to when it comes to the little things.

  • The truth is NO one has that right.

    We have a freedom of speech in this country, not a freedom from being criticized for that speech. It serves no purpose to coddle teenagers into thinking no one ever will or should criticize them for their ideas and speech.
    For example, if a teenager expresses their feelings that all African Americans are inferior and should be slaves, should we not criticize the little darling for it?

  • No, teens are treated like they have the IQ of a goldfish.

    I'm 27, but I think that adults treat children like they can't make decisions for themselves. I remember in high school we would be shown videos in class that addressed us like we were special ed. This was in an AP class, by the way. Not only that, but a lot of times other teens will make fun of them if they do something "wrong" or "weird". Sadly, I was one of those bullies and I regret it deeply.

  • Do they have the freedom to express? Yes. Without Criticism? No.

    Reason being, nobody has that freedom. It is not in the Constitution of any country otherwise it would look like: "every citizen has the freedom to force others to accept what they think." Pretty much. Teens need to have their ideas challenged and criticized. It is part of growing up.

  • Sadly, they don't.

    This goes for all kids. If they say the love someone, for example, people say they don't know what love is. People are always criticizing kids, they treat them like they're four. People need to actually listen to kids. There is no reason not to. Kids are growing up, no doubt they'll have emotional the trouble, and this needs to be talked about.

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