• Yes they do

    Airlines are using the same archaic system that they were using in the fifties. They drastically need to update their computer systems to prevent accidents and double booking. There are far too many incidents occurring nowadays. It would cost a lot of money but people are putting their lives in the airlines hands when they climb aboard those deathtraps.

  • Airlines need to improve their computer systems big time

    Airlines need to improve their computer systems big time. Although they are very adept at air traffic control there are problems with onboard flight mechanics/computers. While planes are serviced on a regular basis taking people's lives in pilot hands is always risky. There needs to be better technology built into the planes to begin with.

  • Cyber securtity is a huge issue

    These days it's far too easy for hackers to gain control of systems from anywhere in the world. Airlines, and other large companies that could be targeted, need to up their security systems to minimize these attacks. While they are at it, it would be nice if they could update their webpages to make them more user-friendly.

  • Yes, aireline tickets are expensive, so value should be added.

    Yes, airlines need to improve their computer systems. Airline tickets are extremely expensive for many Americans, and the computer systems provided on flights are worse than the lowest quality tablets available nowadays. It would not be difficult or particularly cost-intensive to provide nicer computer systems, and airline the added value customers could experience would make up for any cost.

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