• A high rate of disorder

    Americans do have a higher rate of A.D.H.D. than previously thought and more than previous generations. Many times this is misdiagnosed and the person does not really have the disorder. Doctors are quick to diagnose it because it is easy to do and the students like it because they get drugs.

  • Yes, I believe Americans have a higher rate of ADHD.

    I think more doctors in America are quicker to diagnosis ADHD then doctors in other nations so we end up having more cases of ADHD here in America, schools here in America are constantly looking for signs of a ADHD in a child and will immediately send them for testing.

  • not at all

    no, we do not have a higher rate of this illness than any other country in the world. I think that here we just look for it more and are more quick to say that a person may or may not have it, and that we are trying to fix it.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe Americans have a higher rate of ADHD. I believe we have a case where some medical professionals are diagnosing things as ADHD when really the child doesn't have ADHD. I think this happens because schools expect the children to behave in ways that aren't normal for their age range and when they don't they put pressure on the parents to have them checked. Then the child goes to the doctor and is diagnosed, mostly based on the teachers wishes, and the child is drugged during class where they are easier to take care of, especially when they receive a dose that is too high for them. This medicine essentially makes a teachers job easier, so you can see why so many children in the United States have ADHD, it's because a lot of their teachers don't want to take the time to do their job.

  • Fewer Chemicals in Environment

    I would say Americans have less prevalence of ADHD now because there are fewer industrial chemicals seeping into our environment. However, China and India probably have higher rates of the disorder simply because they are developing nations and have more chemicals getting into the brains of children that can cause ADHD when the natural processes of the brain are interrupted.

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