• Americans Waste Too Much Time and Money on the Kardashians

    While the popularity of reality television has overtaken America, citizens' fascination with one family is unhealthy. Most Americans would consider the Kardashians publicity-seekers and not worthy of following, yet the family continues to make headlines and grace magazine covers. The family also has many profitable product lines, such as a a clothing line with Sears, a lipstick line, and even their own game in the app store.

    The family does many things to shock the public, and the public continues to waste their time and money buying and reading news stories about them and buying products developed or endorsed by them.

  • Yes, it's all fake drama.

    She's got absolutely no talent at all, like zero. Some of you might think she's a model - she can't do anything but taking selfies, nude photos and recording sex tapes. If so, then why not make almost every second porn star the most popular person? Huh? They're a circus, they're not people who small girls should be looking up to or trying to look like... I wish everyone would just stop talking about them then maybe they would disappear. It's all fake drama.

  • Yes, the do.

    The Kardashians are nothing more than rich socialites, and yet many Americans hang onto thier every word. Rather than worrying about what is going on in the real world, many people worry about what Kim and Khole and the rest of the K-gang have to say. This is why Trump is running for president.

  • Yes, the Kardashians receive far more attention than they should.

    The Kardashians have risen to fame and popularity for very little reason. Aside from the lure of watching wealthy people implode in their personal lives, there is little reason to pay attention to them. Just as soap operas were popular a generation ago and still are to some, the Kardashians provide drama and a bit of escapism for people, but with the sad difference that these are real people whose lives are on display for everyone else to watch. It is not healthy to be so consumed with watching other people's failures.

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