Do Americans respect candidates that verbally attack other political candidates?

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  • Being so nasty to each other

    The candidates need to stop being so mean in the way they talk to one another, there is no reason for it, The citizens want to hear what are you going to do for us, we don't care about how you feel about each other, and your attitude has a lot to be desired. Shows the young people a lot. We all know that you are not going to agree with each other, that is why there are debates, but get real, respect one another, you are adult, so why not act like one. There is no reason to act like you do, Other elections during the course of our lives, were not as nasty as you folks are. Get real, and be sociable, we do not care on how you feel about each other, and how much money you have, and how you got the money for the debates, we just care about what you are going to do for us. There are so many people struggling in this county, so make that better, people loosing there homes, and can't pay their bills, get there ;property going for tax sale, wise up, and this about how would you feel if this was happening to you. You don't have to worry, but you should be in our shoes, then maybe you would wake up.

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