• You can never have "enough".

    As an eighteen year old and a senior in high school, I strongly believe most people I know spend more time outdoors than indoors. Most people I know have jobs, are on intensive and exclusive sports teams, spend time with friends and family, and are in very social environments. Of the activities I listed, most people I know participate in those for at least twelve - sixteen hours daily.

  • No American kids spend too much time inside

    Childhood obesity is rising and kids are spending more and more time sitting in front of screens, phones and tablets. American children don't actively play outside very often. There are too many indoor distractions. Kids need more active time, and even in schools they don't get much. Recess is short and in the winter months, often indoors. Kids need more playground time and less screen time.

  • No, kids are not getting enough outdoor time.

    It used to be that in down time kids had no excuse but to read a book or to color or to play outside with friends. Now there is so much simulation of outside games and activities that no one thinks to send the kids out into the real world. The children, like the adults, are busy staring at screens and considering friends online to be their actual friends.

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