• Animals have a soul and heart

    Ever ate a lobster? Well, That's an animal, Not a human being, And it is living, Well, It WAS living, There is a brain, The brain funtions because they have a heart. Is there something that has a heart and doesn't live? Well, I'll answer that, NO. They must have a soul, Even though they aren't buried then they die like us, They have a soul, And I guarantee that if you don't agree, Maybe you don't like animals, Or respect them, THEY ARE LIKE US

  • Animals are Living too

    If god exists and it gives each living being a soul so why can't god have not animals. Animals are living to, Despite them having less intelligence.
    Some humans are mentally impaired to, Why are we classifying the soul god gave to intelligence while god gave some humans intelligence less than animals

  • Our body doesn't define us

    While i do agree we are the only 'intelligent' species, I do believe souls can inhabit in creatures - for religious people, Think of devils, They aren't human are they? But they still act intelligent. Besides, Dolphins/orcas have been found to have the brain of a human 3 year old - says something.

    Plants, However, Don't seem to have a soul.

  • Yes, They do

    Of course they do! If we are speaking in terms of Christianity (which I am) then we should know that in the Bible, Jesus has stated that all animals do have a soul. While it is not the same type of soul that rests in humans, It is still a soul. The thing about animal souls is that, Once an animal dies its soul will die with it. They do not have a Heaven or Hell dilemma.

  • It doesn't seem probable

    We have the same reasons to believe animals have a soul as we do to believe humans do: none.
    Once upon a time, I guess it was perfectly normal; with one's last breath, It appeared as though "something" left the body. "Something" that animated it and gave it life. Now we now it's only CO2. The only SPIRIt to be found in exPIRIng is semantic, And there seems to be no way to prove otherwise.

  • Do they really fuck not

    No they do not, Animals do not have a fucking soul - if that isn't obvious to you then you need to go to a bookstore and buy a book. Turtles can't read and yet they know that they do not have a soul - why don't you?
    In conclusion, No, No they fucking don't.

  • God made man in his image

    When God created the world he made humans separate from animals. He made man in his own image. The image of the holy spirit rested in each one of us. The image was not rested in animals though. This is what gives us eternal life. God wanted to have people to be like himself.

  • Humans nor animals have souls.

    There is no evidence to support the hypothesis. In fact we cannot find the soul. Where would it go? Where did it come from? God cannot be the answer because of infinite regressions. Who created God?

    Animals can however feel pain and are sentient and thus are worthy of our kindness and respect.

  • Animals do not so to speak have a "soul"

    First we need to look at what a soul really is. A "soul" itself is not a thing more of an idea at the morals of wrong and right we have humans have evolved to be emotive and care for one another. Our only premise of a "soul" is the fact that if we harm another human our brain automatically thing about the pain that other human is going through. Now animals however are based on instinct an animal will do whatever beneficiary to stay alive as any logical being would if an animal has a soul then crocodiles would feel pain and remorse for the animals thieve killed but they don't, They just crunch away and have no issues because there brain is not evolved (it has) but not as good as ours has.

  • You are not immortal, So no, Animals are not immortal either

    If you really believe that you are an immortal being, That demons are out to get you, That God (depending on what God you decide to believe in) can read your mind or control your actions or behaviors, That if you do what some book tells you to do you will go to heaven, And if you don't you will be summoned to eternal torture, You need to be on meds. Those beliefs are all very similar to that of a scizophrenic. It's these type of beliefs that are responsible for many wars and conflicts (including the current conflicts in the middle East). So to answer this question, No animals (including humans) do not have souls.

  • Souls do not exist

    Our abilities of thinking, Perceiving, Interpreting, Our ego and our memories all stem from mere impulses in our brains, Unless you define a soul as the energy in our neurons, A soul does not exist. Upon death, Our memories and understanding of the world and ourselves do not leave our body, Only the energy required to sense this fades away.

  • No. .

    Animals do not have the capability of religion to our knowledge. If they do not even know what god is, How can they have a soul? If you say all living things have a soul, Then what about plants. Its just does not make any sense because we step on plants and grass every day. That would make us soulless creatures then.

  • No! They r stupid things

    Of course they don't! They are just a waste of space for humans. They are supposed to make you happy, But those bastards are just a waste of space with a fucking ugly face with no fucking soul! Who would think they did? They are assholes then. So yeah. No fucking soul

  • No because no one has one

    My opinion on this ties directly with my religion or to put it more accurately absence of religion. We are all just bags of muscle who happen to be smarter than the rest of the muscle bags on this planet. If not for us evolving the way we did this question couldn't have been asked. Without anyone there to question what a soul is and what has it. . . Well would anyone have a soul?

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