• Becuase if your lost you can just look it up

    If you were kid napped and didnt know were you were then you could look it up and / or you could call some one call the cops and bom your out what if they took your phone you ask? Get it back still it look for it do every thing so you can find it!!!

  • Apps are a complete WASTE of time!

    Im doing a report on this at school and I truly believe that apps are just another huge craze that controls peoples lives. I mean look at flappy bird! There have been numerous times when a teen has killed someone or themselves because of their highscore. Now this may seem alarming and untrue, but there was an app out there called the baby shaker. You can look it up if you don't believe me. The point of the app was that there was a crying baby, your goal was to shake your phone (the baby) until the crying stopped and the baby had passed. These are just some of the examples of why apps are app-olling and a huge waste of time.

  • They get things done faster and they keep you updated.

    Apps such as The Weather Channel , The New York Times , and CNN can keep you updated on the current news. These kinds of apps can be useful. Also, any type of social media can keep you updated on friends, family and even the news. Apps allow you to quickly access anything without searching the internet for it. You can get apps that will let you check your bank balances at anytime, apps that will serve as a dictionary, and anything else.

  • There free. Free.

    No cost to some of the apps. Most are free, and if you don't like it you can just delete it and download another app from the millions of apps available from the app store. They are updated constantly for better or worse. You might learn something from one of the applications. E.g. Dictionary builds your vocabulary and you get to be part of this mpoints that comes with the app and get free prizes just for using the app.

  • Help you daily

    Without apps we wouldn't be able to have social media helping us communicate. Also there is the weather app helping us be prepare for storms that are coming in our area. I really do not know where I would be today without apps. Many schools use apps for kids to help them learn.

  • Things get done faster

    My apps are very helpful because I can check my bank balances at any time, from anywhere. I also always have games to play to keep me busy while I wait at certain places. I also track my food with an app to help keep my weight in check. Apps are great.

  • Yes apps help kids waste time

    Because when kids are traveling they need something to entertain them self with,so all they do is just take out an electronic device and play game or be on social media sites.Just like I do when I go on road trip with family members.Apps is one of the best thing happened to us!

  • Apps Don't Waste Your Time:

    If your bored and you don't know what to do you have apps. Everybody knows that apps consume your time, but your not doing something stupid like getting yourself into pier presser (including taking drugs and stuff). So all the people who think apps are bad I am strongly against you point.

  • They rot your brain

    They should make more apps for kids that are fun, but healthy for your brain. Ok, great, that is my supporting argument to hit the 'words needed' minimum, so please do it. I still need 18 more words before I can submit, which is kinda a lame requirement, boo period

  • Apps DO NOT waste your time.

    Apps simply don't waste your time, This is the 20th century. Internet is all we do, Some apps can be bad some good. So if you think apps waste time, What have you been doing with your life? Like, Really where have you been? Have a good day. Goodbye :P

  • Apps waste your time

    Sometimes technology is useful but mostly its useless. The past generations had no technology at all and if you asked them about their lives they will reply that they were much happier than us now. If you would recognize they lived longer than us, why? Because they were always active physically and mentally. They had great social lives even though they had no social media programs. When smartphones were invented diseases started to spread everywhere because sitting for long hours on apps partially destroys your brain. Lastly, I would like to say that without using electronic devises or the variety of apps, WE WILL NOT DIE!!!

  • All of these people are clearly misinformed...

    It is as simple as this. It goes both ways. They are good and bad. So stop wasting your time writing reviews that are straight cringe. You are merely disappointing your family and friends. Like actually though, get a life. It is almost depressing how pathetic this really is. Goodbye.

  • Varies depending on usage but is mostly helpful

    If a person uses apps to complete a workload or to help be more productive then it is very helpful. Different apps very and some may have errors or problems but the majority are useful. For example there are apps for everything now, productivity, lifestyle, health tracking , etc. and many ha,es help keep a person entertained when there is nothing to do. But overuse may impact social life and health as a whole

  • Apps are sometimes very helpful

    There are apps that help with stuff like homework and navigating,but also there are games witch are not that helpful.Games waste our time except math games and other games like that. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .

  • No they helpful and useful for everyday lives.

    They help us get around where we need to go. They help us find out things that we need to know. They also help us organize, plan ahead, tell us the weather, tell us about what's happening in today around the world, and keep us entertained when we have nothing to do. So no they are helpful and not useless.

  • Unnecessarily Complex & Obsessive

    Concerning the so-called "Productivity" apps. No one has ever 'needed' an app to get organized. You may, however, benefit from tools - such as a pen and notepad. Apps require more time to fiddle with in order to get to an app. The pre-'smart'phone tools are superior. Also, apps become even more a nuisance the more complex they are. If you need an app so that you can plan out steps of actions that are highly abstract or should be intuitive, then you may have a serious mental-health problem. For example, imagine an app for a 'project' that contains a checklist such as:
    * Brainstorm for report; * Write down notes; * Revise Plan; * Get Ready
    Eventually you are not being productive, but are instead exhibiting obsessive-compulsive behavior. To provide a more obviously absurd example:
    * Put best foot forward
    * Follow with other foot, but carefully, reflecting deeply....Etc
    This is not productive. This is mental-illness.

  • They help you with school and stuff and are fun

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  • No no no

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  • Oppinion: Apps waste your time

    Imn doin ga report im my class. In my defence of mckalie, i think that apps waste your time because, if your aways on your phone on apps you will never have time for your family. And it might seem like you were on your phone for 5 mins but it will really be an hour.And you grow up fast so, you should use your time wisley. Apps can get you kidnapped, and everyhthing like instagram, is a good exzample, u can put ur location on it with your picture, and you could get stolen. It could be some kidnappers on your instagram, and you could get kidnapped if they find you.

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