• There is no yes or no answer really, some do, some may not.

    I believe your soul is simply who you are. As an atheist I believe we will never know what happens after death until we truly are there. But every person is different in his or her own way.


  • Yes

    I think this depends entirely on their definition of the word Soul. Most of my friends are atheist, and would say that they didn't have a soul, but that only goes so far as to say that they don't expect to spend eternity in heaven or hell. But, when asked about what it means to be good, or if they had a moral compass, they answer Yes. So, if spirit, or an emotional core is what you deem as a "soul", then they would say Yes. They just don't think of it as a ghostly being, or an alternate form of existance, as some Christians do.

  • Yes

    I am not completely atheist but in terms of christianity, definitely yes. I don't believe in Jesus or God, I think there is something bigger, just not sure what. Beside the point, I believe I have a spirit or a soul, whatever you would like to call it. I don't think or feel that the idea of a soul has to have a direct relationship to a religion.

  • Yes we do

    No in the christian sense , but we have a energy and a moral compass. The only issue is we do not find out until we pass on. Some say when the body dies we lose 2.4 ounces. Could that be our soul/energy/moral compass? There is no dogma to be an atheist so some believe in souls and some don't.

  • We have a soul

    Can a souless person function,well look at those serial killers some do not feel remorse for what they do,they do not feel compasion for another and for themselves either,a souless person just do,in other hand a personn with a soul do have compasion do have hatred, do have feeling for others or for themselves.

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  • A soul is a ghost

    A soul is an evil ghost which lives inside of us however it doesn't mean we are evil ourselves. However after death our souls escape our bodies and haunt other people just like in the film conjuring, which was based upon true events and facts. This is just an opinion.

  • A soul is a ghost

    A soul is an evil ghost which lives inside of us however it doesn't mean we are evil ourselves. However after death our souls escape our bodies and haunt other people just like in the film conjuring, which was based upon true events and facts. This is just an opinion.

  • I'm not an atheist, though people would probably call me that :(

    I think everyone things they have a soul. If you have a Psyche! Which is the Greek word for Soul. If you have a mind, you have a soul.

    Do people sometimes make the soul into some other crazy concept? Yes. But a Psyche is a mind, which is a soul.

  • Mind vs Soul

    The concept of a "soul" is an over-simplification of a "mind" of a human being. Obviously, most things having to do with religion have very little, if any, basis in science or psychology. A rational thinker will see a person and look to study the physical aspect that creates the mind/soul which is the brain,to determine the reasons behind someone's thought process and who they are. Religious people skip the brain entirely, and base who they are on a "soul". This same kind of thinking is why everyone uses the expression "words from the heart" because back in biblical days, love was literally thought to be conceived in the heart, rather than the mind.

    Tl; dr: Soul is a simple person's way of saying mind, just like simple people believe they think using their heart.

  • Soul? No. Abstract thought? Yes.

    At what point during evolution did beings become human enough to have a soul? Was it when they had sufficient language to have a word for it? Or when they decided they weren't too keen on the idea of certain death? Living without a soul is infinitely simpler than trying to work out how to up the odds on eternal bliss.

  • Nope

    As an Atheist, I can affirm that I do not believe I have a soul. The soul is nothing more than something religious people came up with to explain how humans could live after their living bodies ceased to function. I am nothing more than a bag of meat, bones, and organs. After I die, that will be the end of it.

  • Soul or no Soul

    When it comes down to it, what does having a soul mean? Does it mean you are alive, caring, loving, or all together just good? A person can live a good wholesome life just as any other person on the earth, even when they don't believe in souls. It just a matter of environment one is raised in, is the way of determining his actions and attitudes.

  • That's not what you usually hear.

    It seems that there isn't a lot of talk of "soul" or other spiritual terminology from prominent atheists. I'm not sure what most people actually believe; I know that I am rather agnostic, and I personally believe in something greater than simple human life. However, to speak of "atheists" in general, one should probably look at what is being said in public, and that generally does not talk about a soul in the religious sense.

  • No

    I believe that I am just a combination of various elements from the earth. My consciousness is the result of various electrical impulses. After I die, those impulses will stop and my consciousnesses will be no more. I will lie in a pine box is I rot away. I do not have what you call a soul.

  • Apparently some do.

    Seeing this page, I was surprised that so many have answered yes. Personally, I think the idea of a soul is anti-intellectual and misguided. Why posit something over-and-above what actually exists, when there is no need for it? The idea that I am actually some immaterial thing that follows my body around, or controls it like someone driving a car, has so many trouble implications that it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. At what point in our evolution did souls appear, for instance. Did my soul form in my mother's uterus alongside my body? Did it swoop down out of the aether to inhabit my foetal body? Why is it attached only to this body? If I was an immaterial soul, I wouldn't want to be stuck with just this body; I'd want to fly around and see the wonders of the world without having to pay airfares. Why stop there though? I could travel to distant galaxies, hang out with some alien souls.

    The only reason someone would believe they have a soul is because they're scared that death is the complete cessation of existence. It makes people feel good that when their bodies die they will live on in some form. Which in itself isn't a bad thing, I guess, but it can become quite bad when all the other religious bits are added on.

  • When you die, you will just become a body with no consciousness.

    That's all there really is to it. You are just different elements from nature, being powered from impulses. Once you have died, those impulses of course wont occur anymore. You will have no afterlife. You will just be a dead person. Nothing more to it. There is no such thing as a soul.

  • There is no soul, no life after death

    These entities are created by religions for two reasons - 1. To keep their followers happy that they will have a better life after death and dont mind the hardships here 2. To scare those non believers / non followers saying after death you will rot, will be punished, etc. Ability of human strength is limited when alive and nothing after dead. Just a piece of meat. Nothing else.

  • Sentient awareness is interesting, soul not so much

    I am very interested in the thoughts and research involving sentience and awareness. I expect new information from research in this area. I do not expect to ever know anything more about a soul than I do now. I could be wrong and I am always reading and looking. Until some research has new information about souls please don't bother me. Not interested in anything for which no new information can ever occur.

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Anonymous says2013-06-24T23:09:49.807
It's practically arrogant that this question should be asked, just because you don't believe in a god/gods doesn't mean you do or don't believe in a soul or ghost or what ever, it's personal to the individual, but don't mistake that for thinking there is no answer to the question whether there is a soul or not, this does have an answer.
rolandborla says2013-12-07T08:07:40.803
I think atheists do not believe they have a soul because they need proof to believe in something though they have not proven a soul's "non-existence". Only in death can we say for a fact that we have a soul, only it will be impossible to tell it to the world. When scientist say a certain bacteria or fossil lived millions of years ago they take it as a fact even if they have not witnessed its existence. They relied on the scientist's "facts" (even if the scientist himself did not witness or experience it). But when jesus said that there is life after death because he has resurrected they take it as an "account" or even a hoax. Jesus exprienced his soul and he has proven it. While atheist need not believe it because they have not yet experienced being "alive" apart from their material bodies. I have not experienced myself as a soul (yet) but i will believe on jesus' ways and that makes me a christian. An atheist will need to die first before he believes in soul but then again it will be too late to be saved from hell.