• A waste of time

    Even though I have enjoyed watching some sports, I can say, that it hasn't impacted my life at all in either a positive or negative way. If my team wins I'm happy for a little while, if they lose, it makes me upset for awhile. But it shouldn't make me upset at all because those feelings very quickly fade and fade even faster when my team wins. For example, most people couldn't tell you who won the Super Bowl 3 years ago or 10 years ago, etc. If it was important, most people would know these things. So are we saying we should throw billions of dollars towards something that is not important? If the NFL, NBA or MLB disappeared tomorrow the vast majority of people would be absolutely fine. Others may be a little sad for awhile but would soon find something else to occupy their time.

    On another note, the first comment in favor of high pay talked about it being so competitive that they deserve to make millions if they get there. I would argue that it is so competitive because millions of dollars can be made. I'd didn't use to be like this. For intance I spoke with a gentleman once that played football for GA Tech in the early fifties. He said they didn't even lift weights. And talking to other people like my father who played high school football and baseball in the early 70's, they didn't have near the amount of stringent time consuming activities that today's high school students do. And why is that, because there wasn't much to gain by pouring your whole life into it. That possibility exists now but unfortunately most pursing professional athletics will never make it, I believe it is a less than 1% success rate.

    This over emphasis on sports and entertainment has only been going on for about 50 years or so. In baseball I believe that Mickey mantle was the first one to sign for 100k per year and Nolan Ryan was the first to sign for 1 million. Now some of these guys sign for 25million a year, ridiculous. Especially if you look at how much time they are actually playing. A baseball player mainly stands there the whole game and I heard that the actual time that players are actually in motion during a football game is something like 20minutes. So if a football player is making 10 million a year he is making about 1.7 million an hour if you only count actual play time.

    Basically we are paying entertainers (athletes, actors, etc.) billions for very little work compared to the average working citizen and this is wrong and needs to change.

  • Yes i do

    Yes they do because they do spot that is not really benafishal to the world and they get paid 10s of millions of pounds. If they where a doctor that would not get that much money so i think that is wrong and they should have a pay cut ...

  • Yes they absolutely do.

    People work way harder than these athletes do, juggling work, children, lower wages, and the stress that comes with all of these. Even doctors have a hard life paying off all the student loans they have from medical school. I can't believe we even idolize these people because there are people who would sacrifice their own lives just to earn so little. Many of these athletes don't even care about their fans or even society. They're only in it for the money and that's it. They may be passionate about what they do but there is no beneficial outcome that society can gain from sports. People who actually deserve to be paid millions, Doctors, Teachers, and other well respected fields barely earn anything. In the end athletes are a bunch of egotistical maniacs that believe they are the ones who should be earning the money just because they "worked" hard by exercising and shooting balls into a basket, or hitting a ball with a stick. Yup, because that is very logical.

  • Cheap entertainment ruins other deserving professions

    Athletes pay:
    Football: 800,000 - 2,000,000 a year
    Baseball: 1,000,000 - 6,000,000 a year
    Basketball: 5.5 million a year
    NHL: 2.4 million a year

    This is the average pay for players in the following leagues in sports, all it is is cheap entertainment that people pay to enjoy and wrecks the salaries of those who deserve it more for doing HELPFUL things instead of making everyone act stupid and insane for a few hours.

    Deserving professions salaries:
    Doctors: 156,000 - 350,000 a year
    Teachers: 42,000 - 21,000 a year
    Firefighters: 42,000 a year
    Police: 42,000 - 53,000 a year
    Construction workers: 23,000-40,000 a yer

    The figures show very well, those who save lives and shape our futures get little amount of pay with the exception of most doctors. Lets also not forget the olympics, where some have spent billions to host the event than pay loads of money to those who win medals. This money should mainly be going to others.

  • Athletes are overpaid

    Fans keep up the demand, cannot even fathom that an athlete's salary in one week is twice their annual income. Society has put them on a pedestal, "heroes", who couldn't care less about the fans. They ignore requests for autographs, one actually heard saying, "Not my autograph. You will try to sell it and make a profit off my name". Are they kidding me? Who is trying to profit? The egos are ridiculous, uncalled for, and all they are good for is knocking up some woman that spread her legs for anyone with money. Or a porn mag.

  • They absolutely do.

    Athletes provide a service of entertainment to society. That is of lesser value, I think, than the people who educate our children or heal us when we are sick or injured. I do not think that athletes should be paid so much more than teachers or doctors, when all they are doing is playing a game. I understand that sports careers are not easy--but neither is teaching a child with a learning disability, or open heart surgery.

  • Athletes get paid to much money

    I think athletes get paid to much money because all they do is entertain for people. They get paid for entertaining. Yes the are famous but still millions are ridiculous. They think they are better than everybody else. It is Just wrong. It is about the money to them, most don't care about the people.

  • They are overpaid

    Yes, and it makes no sense because it's so competitive to get to the highest level that you would think the team owners can just get a "more affordable" player if some particular player gets too expensive. On the other hand there are sports that pay very little yet the sacrifice is enormous. So in the end the mainstream athletes should get less and the others more.

  • Very over paid

    The older I get the less I enjoy watching professional sports. Our country is collapsing though our athletes salaries are rising! Huh, tell me that makes since.. Athletes don't play for the love of the game and you can see that more today then in the passed! Over paid men tossing around balls!

  • Are you kidding?

    Are you kidding? People work way harder, are way smarter, contribute way more to society, and make less money than some pre madonna. However if idiots continue wasting their time and money on such soma's like watching other play around then they will continue to make too much money and our society will continue to have problems in actualizing its potential.

  • Why do we care?

    Why do we care how much money athletes make. It's not like they affect the other job-salaries at all. A teacher or a doctor would make the same amount of money if Kobe Bryant made 100 thousand a year, or 100 million a year. We need to focus on more important things than athlete's salaries.

  • They are very talented

    People that have talent or that is good at what they do and they deserve it and what they need the money for is there bushiness say for the NASCAR drivers they may get in a car crash they need the money to get fixed up . Maybe if they are stupid and without that jobs they have nothing to fall back on.

  • Athletes get paid more than people in the military

    Our military men are fighting in the war to save lives and not get paid much when our athletes just make a score. Marines and the army should get paid more than athletes. We shouldn't just let athletes get paid more than our men fighting for our country, Its more scary in war then going vs. Another ball team.

  • The truth is sad, but...

    While anybody can be a doctor or a policeman, few have what it takes to be a professional athlete. Professional athletes are less common than "local heroes," so they will always make more money. It might be sad, but it's the truth. Regardless, the general public is in no position to set limits on how much professional athletes earn.

  • No they do not!

    Just imagine how many people that is trying to become an elite athlete and how few that actually can become one! The competition and pressure is huge! Those who finally becomes an elite athlete must be extremely talented and must have (and still does) train many hours a day! !

  • The market sets the price

    They are extremely talented and perform on the world's stage. Even though, what they actually do is not as important as say what teachers, doctors etc are paid to do, they provide entertainment and serve as role models and public figures. No normal person would pay $50 to watch a doctor perform a surgery or a professor deliver a lecture. Normal people like you and I serve a handful of people in our daily jobs whereas an athlete serves millions. Millions are willing to pay for their product, hence the astronomical salaries.

  • No they do not

    Just think about the injuries that can happen to them that one reason the other is that they have been working for this there whole lives would you what to get paid for something you been working for that long that why they get paid that much money they deserve it

  • Professional Natural Athletes

    If anyone could be a professional athlete then obviously more people would do it. But sadly not everyone is that talented. Yes they do make a bit much but with there natural ability and hard work a big pay day is fair. People stop being jealous and move on with your lives

  • Athletes have short careers and competition for players are getting high.

    Most athletes cannot continue their job into their mid 30's whereas other jobs can be continued into 70's and 80's. The amount that these players are paid is because it is an investment for the players so that they don't have to get a job after they retire. Plus, competition in buying and selling players have gotten high (this includes professional soccer). Too sign one player, teams can try very hard to persuade a player to join their team. Some ways of persuading the player includes and increase in salary. So increases in salaries have been going on for a hundred years in professional soccer. So much that deals can go up to 300,000 euros a week.

  • They workd hard

    Yes the make a lot of money but the worked hard to get that money they dont just simply "do one thing" they train many hours and can easily be injured. Saying that on average a rugby player in the super 15 makes less then $200k a year were as doctors and lawyers are paid almost 500k a year, they have the right to their money its not their fault that their good at what the do

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