Do beauty pageants serve a purpose in society?

Asked by: Ashan914
  • Don't be fooled by the stupid TV series

    A well organized beauty pageant she should be beneficial for children. They gain confidence, learning how to speech and making new friends. Seriously, the Toddlers & Tiaras is a sick TV show for pedophiles, it has nothing to do with the actual beauty pageant. Listening to me and listening to me and listening to me

  • Builds speaking skills and self confidence!

    I've competed in a beauty pageant and being in a beauty pageant is an amazing experience. I don't think anyone can say how bad it is for girls or woman to be in it until they've experienced it for themselves. When I first started in pageants it was hard because I didn't think I was pretty enough but the pageant teaches you to love yourself and have confidence. And I hate when people say that girls in pageants aren't smart, most girls in the beauty pageants and as well I have a 4.0 in school, you can be beautiful and smart. And if you really want to say that pageants are forcing girls to artificial beauty, then never wear makeup or watch any sport because that's the same thing. Don't talk about how bad it is till you've been threw it!

  • Beauty pageants are bad for young girls

    Beauty pageants teach young girls that they are not people, they are objects. The only purpose they serve is to make young girls feel bad about themselves and make them think they will never be perfect. I don't think it is a good idea to enter your children in them

  • I don't believe so

    To me a beauty pageant is just a judgement on the way you and others look. In today's society people are all about being who you are and not caring what others think but yet there are these competitions of appearances. When someone loses a beauty competition they feel as though they aren't pretty enough or even as good as the other person.

  • Self esteem depleted

    Not just children, but women's self esteem will be depleted completely. First off there is no need for a toddler/child to have to dress like someone there not. There identity will be taken from them before they even create one for themselves. And women in today's society are already insecure if they don't look like the "American Standard". Especially airing these types of contests puts a women's self esteem down the drain!

  • No Purpose what so ever

    Actually the only purpose they serve is to destroy young girls self esteem. They judge which girl is prettier. The girl who get's the title has a lot of pressure from her parent's too. Some girls starve themselves so they can fit into a sausage casing of a dress. It is sad it doesn't focus on girls being themselves but primping to convince judges to pick them as the prettiest.

  • What is the point?

    Competitions should be a chance for children to develop and cultivate their talent, being pretty is not a talent.

    Probably the best thing about these pageants is the confidence it gives the children and the talent section but the kids may as well just enter a dance or singling competition.

  • Beauty pageantry is completely dysfunctional.

    Not only do beauty pageants not provide any service to society, they are a disservice. They treat girls like items, like paintings to look at, but they get none of the respect that a painting does. Pageants teach men to look at girls like a piece of meat. It makes girls think that "beauty" is more important than anything, a mindset that will ultimately ruin them as they age.

  • There goes society

    Beauty pageants are blocking us from what's important. We end up worrying more about how we look and less about academics. And the same applies to sports! I don't care if you're a honey booboo child or if you're a withering old hag, so long as you're contributing to society, I'm fine with it. The thing is, you're not. Go home, beauty pageants. It was cute at the beginning, but now were just sick of it.

  • Not useful to us.

    Pageants only bring other girls and people insecurity, and it shows people that this is how the world works. And this world is not about the looks, it's about being ourselves and being happy. But most girls have low self esteem because they are always told this is how you are supposed to look like.

  • Open door to pedophilia

    Kids beauty pageant? I have never understood why parents, especially mothers who are females themselves impose such an insult to childhood to their own daughters. These are CHILDREN dressed as WOMEN. I believe that it is not only a danger to their self image, but it attracts dangerous attention and I blame the PARENTS for that.

    As for standard beauty pageant, I dont understand how it serves a purpose as well, men never needed beauty pageants to change the world, so sayong that it serve any purpose to society is an insult to our intelligence. It shows women as MEAT. That is ALL.

  • Teaching women to rely on artificial beauty and to be immodest.

    It also teaches men seek on that kind of woman. Beauty pageant is a lie, a false happiness. Chaste men and modest women are now like historical buildings being demolished. It is also like a prostitution that demeans not only women but also humanity.
    Women in beauty pageants end up doing demeaning things such as pole dancer.

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