• Just a reply. From a Black person. My comments are in parenthesis.

    Black People are a nuisance Ever since we freed them they have been ruining our society! God damn it tell the literate ones to stop killing our law enforcement and then ranting about the exact opposite.(1200 minorities were killed by police in 2015. To put that in perspective, 130 officers were killed in the line of duty.)

    A bunch of hypocritical goons they are, to say the least. They are 99% Criminals and Rapists and 1% Sports Players to entertain us.(No proof whatsoever.)

    I thought we weren't allowed to have animals play our sports.(And I thought debates were for intelligent people.)

    They will be better off anywhere else, as our slaves again (cheap labor, not outsourcing to Mexico or China), in the Zoo, or back in the desert, where they can settle their own damn problems instead of bringing them to the USA.(Yeah, this is bait. This whole post is bait. I just found it semi-entertaining. But, since this was most likely was written by a white person, why doesn't he go back to Europe and solve his own problems there? After all, the Native Americans are the, you know, Natives.)

  • Black Lives DO Matter!

    I am not black.

    Some black people are good, some are bad. There are good and bad in every race and religion. There are some good black people who are great people to be friends with. But there are also some evil black people like Barack Obama.

    You cannot just see one or two black people who are bad and just assume that they're all bad.

    Some white people are bad, some are good.
    Some brown people are bad, some are good.
    Some Muslims are bad, some are good.

    Have you ever tried to meet a black man or woman and tried to make friends with them? I'm guessing not! I have plenty of white, black and brown friends because I am not afraid of people who are darker or lighter than me.

  • Black Lives do Matter as much as the lives of any other person.

    Black people had absolutely no choice to be born black just like you never had the chance to choose your skin color. Stereotyping people is wrong because they are humans just like the rest of us and there is little to no scientific proof that they are less intelligent or more aggressive than us. The problems of most people is because of the way they were treated when they were young and adding to the problem will only make it worse.

  • Of course they do!

    ALL LIVES MATTER! Caucasian, Mongoloid or Asian, Negroid or black and Australoid (4 major races in the world, don't get offended in any way) They all matter! The world only has ONE race and that is "The Human Race" stop the protests and riots and come together as one and make the world free of racism and war. Yes, Some people make mistakes and go too far but that does NOT mean that we have to blame the entire race (of that person) for that one individuals mistake. STOP THE RACISM!

  • It depends on the person.

    Personally, I see two kinds of black people:
    The african-americans, respectful workers and normal people, and then, Niggers. Your regular uneducated, rude and filthy nigger. These are the kind that don't matter. I respect african-americans, but not niggers. Unfortunately, niggers are the *great* majority.

    African-americans pass down intelligent genes. Niggers don't.
    African-americans can economically sustain children. Niggers can't.
    African-americans are honest and polite to people. Niggers aren't.

    In short, do black lives matter? No, they mostly don't.

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