Do Black Lives Matter protesters hurt their cause by interrupting others at inappropriate times?

  • Pride Parade taken hostage by black lives matter

    The annual Pride parade in Toronto was interrupted by Black Lives Matter as the rolled in like autocrat's holding the parade hostage until a list of demands were met. One of the demands was for the pride organizers was to not allow further police participation in the parade. Rodney Diverlus, one of the group’s co-founders told a news conference that police floats were a symbol of oppression and had no place there. Letting police be involved with the parade brings every shape and colour of every man and woman regardless of sexual preference or occupation together to work towards progression-not regression. Anger leads to lots more of it.
    "If your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you another, listen to the one that speaks in the calm and rational voice."-Susan Gale

  • Black Lives Matter protestors can't be taken seriously

    Members of the influential activist group Black Lives Matter are hurting their cause. They have attracted headlines for staging protests at political rallies, where they interrupt the speakers just to get their point across. This is a terrible tactic because it leads people to believe that Black Lives Matter is simply a noisy group that isn't well-organized.

  • Yes, Blakc Lives Matter members hurt their cause with some of their behaviour.

    Black Lives Matter, as an organization and as individuals, raise important points of about the state of racial relations in the United States, particularly when it comes to the interface of law enforcement and citizens. However, some of their tactics, such as interrupting people them disagree with or supporting civil disobedience that blurs into violence, does their cause no favors. Americans have historically been open to people expressing themselves. They also tend to look at anyone trying to squash that free speech - whether public or private entities - as being a threat to a key Constitutional right. When members of Black Lives Matter shout down someone they don't like, many people see this as a sign of weakness on their part, that they cannot persuade people with the force of their arguments. This hurts their cause and the important questions it raises.

  • Yes, Black Lives Matter protesters hurt their cause by interrupting others at inappropriate times.

    The Black Lives Matter protesters can be seen as a civil rights movement of the millennium. However, one distinct characteristic of civil rights activists is that they have been peaceful, even in the face of disrespect. If Black Lives Matter protesters don't give the peaceful and respectful dialogue of civil rights activists of our nation's history, they will not be able to forge change and law in this country. Amid the disrespect that some of our nation's top civil right's activists has endured, it was their peaceful and respectful demeanor and dialogue that eventfully broke down walls of racism and injustice.

  • Yes, Black Lives Matter protesters do hurt their own cause.

    There is no question that many in the African American community still struggle in America today. African American unemployment is still substantially higher than that of white Americans. Many blacks feel distrustful of the police because of past harassment and discrimination. However, Black Lives Matter protesters hurt their own cause when they interrupt others at inappropriate times. Many times the protesters interrupt people that are very sympathetic to their cause; but this behavior might actually end up alienating many that would support change in our society. In short, Black Lives Matter protesters do hurt their own cause by interrupting people at the wrong times.

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