• Yes, boys suck.

    Boys are fueled by testosterone. More crimes are committed by boys in their late teens and twenties than any other demographic combined. They are easily angered, not easily reasoned with, and apt to want to 'prove themselves' through cocky shows that wind up being stupid and dangerous. So yes, boys suck.

  • Most Boys SUCK!

    Most boys can be super mean! You can rarely find a boy who is kind. This guy I had a crush on started laughing when he found out I liked him. Same thing happened to my friend. And we are both super attractive! Most boys are jerks. So guys, check how you are treating the ladies!

  • Um because they do

    I was in a relationship with a boy and he sucked so fucking much. I was so sick of his bullshit drama and nonsense. He is a worthless piece of shit who has an ego bigger than his fucking dick. Not that his dick is bad, that was probably the only good thing tbh whatever
    loser little bitch
    In conclusion, I would like to say all boys (I AM INTERESTED IN/WHO ARE INTERESTED IN ME) suck

  • No I am 105% certain that boys do not suck.

    First off it's incredibly biased to put every single male on the planet in one category. That's like me saying all women are overly emotional. Obviously lots of women are but certainly not all of them. Also the examples that you give are mostly based on American teenage boys and not the rest of the world let alone most adults so the statement is a but moot. The human race continues on with God's guiding hand and the fact that he made male and female not just male and not just female. Thank you God bless.

  • Both genders are so similar that neither sucks more than the other

    I can think of many jokes I could make here... Most of them perverted, but instead, I am going to say that neither gender sucks (or both genders suck, take your pick), we both have issues, and we both have our misconceptions about the other gender, which has always been true.

  • Neither Gender Sucks

    There are good and bad people of both genders, and it both unfair and discriminatory to say that one gender "sucks" on the basis of that gender. Personality differences are individual and not based on gender, and statements like "boys suck" are inflammatory, hurtful and bigoted. It is also sad that these kinds of statements are often tolerated when made toward the male gender, but not if made toward females. It is an example of how what was once the feminist movement has gone a step beyond equality and is pushing toward attempted supremacy. This needs to stop because equal treatment is one of the core values of our society.

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