Do celebrities deserve the attention that they receive from the general population?

Asked by: ABCD.E
  • They deserve it.

    Only celebrities that work hard to make themselves become famous, become famous. People only get famous when they work very hard. Take Taylor Swift for example. She only became famous as she tried harder to make her songs brilliant. She did NOT get the attention for nothing! So this is obviously right.

  • They deserve recognition, but not the obsession they receive.

    Some celebrities do have genuine talents and worked hard to become household names. For that, they definitely deserve to be recognized for their abilities. But I think modern culture has taken it too far with ridiculous over coverage. Media outlets will actually report on what kind of shoes a celebrity was seen wearing, or what they named their dog, or where they buy groceries, as if the rest of the population needs to know that or should even care at all.

  • In a word..

    Hell no! OK, that's two words. Sue me. Hollywood is a cesspool. Most famous actors and actresses are nothing but liberal scumbags. Actors should be positive role models. Not political activists. There are millions of people who worked just as hard, or harder, than they ever have. Personally, I'd love it if they just stuck to acting and kept there mouths shut.

  • Too much money, Too much attention, Too much power

    When you go up to someone and ask about celebrities they, typically, have one or two that they idolize. Take Justin Bieber for example. He was SUPER popular. He had power over people and caused a lot of change. Girls that idolized him suddenly wanted to be skinnier and prettier. They wanted to fit into society's image of "Perfect" teens. What he did, they did.
    I'm not saying that all celebrities are having this effect. There are a lot of great role models out there. I'm just saying that this is the kind of effect that they CAN have on people. Why should one person be able to inflict so much change? They are just people after all. To be honest, I'd rather tune into artists pages or musicians then hear all about some person's love life.

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