• Hey there guys

    Because they can get away with it. They are more important than non-celebrities. This means that celebrities should not get arrested as they're always busy. It should be illegal to arrest celebrities away. And there should be no laws too, the world would be a better place without any laws.

  • Celebrities are considered better than the rest.

    Look at Lindsay Lohan, she has gotten away with so many crimes. She stole a $2,500 necklace when she could have paid for it. Then after continuing to break probation, she was under house arrest for two weeks!!!!!! If any person who isn't famous committed the crimes she did, they would be jailed for sure! This is just one out of the many examples where the famous get special treatment. In order to stop these actions, people need to act. We want equality and fairness. We don't want to be treated like we are lower than everyone else.

  • Oh God, Why

    I'm a 16 year old kid who is sick and tired of how this world is spewing out crap for morals. I was at my local high school as a freshman, and I saw 7 kids sitting in the lot smoking weed. Its definitely not legal where I live, and their reason was "Lindsay Lohan did it, brah." Now I get my 10 year old little brother coming home crying about how kids are smoking on the playground, and I want to go up there and kick their faces inside-out. On top of it all, they have been legalizing this stuff in some states for "medical purposes." Medical purposes my ass; do you all know how easy it is to fool a doctor? My crack-addicted uncle does it all the time. Do you all know what they typically coat weed with? LSD. When these celebrities go around doing this, it makes it look cool and safe, when its probably the worst thing you can do to your bodies.

  • Of course they do.

    Celebrities don't get half of what a regular guy down the street would. Why? Because they are famous, and have a lot more money. Sadly that is what this world has come to. Justin Bieber DUI didn't get him enough of a punishment as it would have to me or you.

  • Yes they do

    Because they are rich and could buy there way just about everything. But they need to learn one way or the other that that's not the way it goes, they need to learn a lesson. Also the little kids are going to think that they could buy their way out but they cant because they are just to poor.(maybe)

  • Celebrities do appear to get away with more crimes than the average person. Example: Lynsie Lohan and Robert Blake.

    Many celebrities appear to get only a slap on the wrist where the average person may get years in prison for the same crime. Sometimes they only get a small fine and time served and no time was ever served because it was reduced to community service. If the average person committed the same crime, they most likely would get jail time and a hefty fine.

  • It's a mockery of our legal system...

    So many celebrities get away with special treatment just because they are famous. They are not above the law so why do they get away with it? To let them get away with it is a mockery of our legal system. It's a mockery of law in general and it takes away the rights of everyone else. They are treated above the normal person isn't that in a way discriminating? If you're not a celebrity or someone famous you can't get away with a speeding ticket or a fine. I think that is absolute BS. The law as created to be fair for everyone and go back in history and Magna Carta was the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their rights. THEY WANTED EQUALITY AND NOW WE HAVE CELEBRITIES THAT ARE GETTING AWAY WITH CRIMES BECAUSE THEY'RE FAMOUS. IT IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND I'M TIRED OF IT!

  • Its Crazy!!! What Is Happening!!!!

    Yes celebrities get away with more crime. Amanda Bynes had her second DUI, which your second DUI you get jail time. But she got 3 years of probation and 3 months of alcohol education classes, also she had to pay a fine. People may think just because she got all that stuff that "shes owning up to her choices" but when you think about it , would you rather go to jail or do all the stuff Amanda Bynes is doing? You probably wouldn't want to go to jail. So you would pick the 3 years of probation.. etc. But if you actually have some sense and think about it, she is by-passing the law. Because the law is, after your first DUI you get jail, time. This is crazing and unfair. Also in 2012 Mark Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder and assualt for attacking a man and hitting him with a wooden stick. He only got 45 days in jail!!! Come on really? This place is turning into a "lets get away with everything place" For Mark's charges you would get between 11 years to life in prison. But no he gets 45 days. Im a fan of him yes. But its not right. I was unable to find the official judge of the case, but i think the judge handed a favor to Mark

  • Celebrities DO get away with more crime

    Many celebrities including Amanda Bynes has gotten away with some things that the normal civilian, for example me would not get away with! Using my same example Amanda Bynes has gotten away with DUIs, driving with a suspended license, and even been caught smoking marijuna from a drug pipe... Incredible.

  • Sick of it

    If a celebrity makes a youtube video with drugs and illegal weapons what happens...NOTHING, Non celebrity gets video blocked by youtube, DEA and ATF all over the place then a life sentence. You kill someone and can get buried under the prison, they do it and get a week on probation. You utter truths about the government and get treated like a terrorist, they do it and get admired and move up in the world. In the end it's all OUR fault, the common citizen, who lets things like this happen on a day to day basis because were so easily deceived, greedy, weak and blind. They are still humans and can make decisions like the next person. They don't need sympathy and excuses, but to be held accountable and be humbled. WAKE UP AND SET THE STANDARD!

  • Payed off

    Celebrities do not get away with more things than regular people. They always pay their bail if they do need to go to jail. Or they pay people off to get them to vote innocent. Either way it's all because of the money they get. Charlie Sheen was caught so many times and got his license taken away. He was also put under house arrest.

  • They don't get away with more crime.

    They are watched more. Celebrities are watched more and don't get away with more crime. They may not have to pay as much or get punished but they don't get away with it, the press with always know.

  • Court of Law vs. Court of society

    While the court of law might have much more legal power there is an undefined incredible amount of power the court of society has. What everyone thinks of you can make or break your reputation. Celebrities deal with harsh judgements everyday when you dont know what positon they were in. Just because there in the public eye they are not people?

  • We all pay someday

    Through all the factors such as technology, the paparazzi, and the advancement of the law enforcement, it is nearly impossible for anyone (even celebrities) to get away with anything nowadays. The other aspect you can look at is the religious view on it, we all pay someday, whether lawyers help lessen punishment here on earth, we are always being watched by our creator. ;)

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Anonymous says2013-04-24T04:38:07.737
I have been reading this website for a school project and it has been very helpful :) thank-you.
P.S. Linsey Lohan suck (;
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:38:59.400
It will be interesting to see what happens to Todd Harrell from 3 Doors Down and how the justice system will handle his case. The family of the victim should not feel intimidated for seeking compensation and justice just because he is famous.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T16:51:40.163
Thanks soooo much helped a lot with my Persuasive Writing essay :)