• Celebrities definitely get off easy when they disobey the rules!

    Yes, I believe celebrities do get off easy when the commit a crime. They also make a ton of money regardless, which isn't a good image to be setting to their fans. They should be a positive role model for their fans, however they are publicly making everyone aware that they have special treatment when certain rules are broken because they make more than most individuals. Regardless of their financial status, I believe they should be treated fairly just like anyone else in that situation.

  • Celebrities, in general, get off easy

    In general, celebrities get off easy for crimes they commit. For example, Lindsay Lohan has numerous convictions for drugs, driving under the influence, and probation violations. Although she openly defies court orders, she has spent few days in jail. Some celebrities, like former Patriot Aaron Hernandez, face serious consequences for their actions, but the offense has to be so severe that the court system cannot get away with light punishment.

  • Yes, they can afford great lawyers

    Yes, I think they do get off easier on their crimes, but not just because they are celebrities. Since they are celebrities they tend to have a great deal more money than the average person, which means they can afford a much better legal team. This is probably why it appears they seem to get off easy.

  • Public Humiliation is Punishment

    I think that celebrities get it worse than 'normal' people. Not only do they take the legal punishment, but they are known worldwide for the crime they commited. Take the recent incident of Rolf Harris sex abuse crimes, he will not only face jail time, but this will be worsened by the other inmates knowing who he is and the crime he committed, and his punishment will continue when he leaves prison as he will be known for the crimes he committed.

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