Do children benefit from attending boarding school?

  • Boarding schools are beneficial!

    Yes! People have a stereotypical saying that kids who go to boarding schools don't see their parents and are disciplined with beatings and yelled at, but this isn't military school. This is boarding school and teachers are very laid back and relaxed. They don't beat you and children see their parents probably every break they have and on weekends. Christmas is two to three weeks, Thanksgiving is one week, spring break is about three weeks. As well in winter and every four weeks, the students have a four-day break.

    Kids there aren't snobby rich kids. Many are on scholarships and children there are very accepting. Students are also getting a first-class education and most are accepted into Ivy League colleges, whereas public school kids have a lesser chance. So don't jump to conclusions about how horrible boarding schools are. They aren't bad and I know from first hand experience. Check out the Andover Song on YouTube; this will definitely change your mind about boarding school.

  • Admissions Staff/University of Chicago

    I currently work with the head of admissions at ( U of Chicago) and we very often offer students a seat from boarding schools such as ; Phillips Exeter Academy, Groton, Phillips Andover Academy, Etc. We consider the schools rigorous curriculum and recognize the college preparation the students are given. We do not claim that they are better than regular public schools but in a way we can distinguish the way each student is prepared by the outcome of the students first year at college. Most boarding schools prepare students for ongoing education, independent responsibility, time management and more.

  • Boarding HIGH SCHOOL is a great experience

    I am going to a boarding high school and I believe it is a fantastic opportunity for a child who is ready for it. It offers many opportunities in an out of school that might not be available in a small town or a school that doesn't life up to your expectations. It fosters a sense of independence and helps children reach their full potential by challenging themselves. Sometimes, the very top schools (Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, etc.) are very competitive and place a lot of pressure on students, but schools such as the one I am attending is still one of the top, but also wants to make sure that the students are supportive of each other. I think that anyone younger that 14 is too young to be attending boarding school. Many say that you should grow up with your family, and you still do! I see my family almost every weekend and we spend all of the long holidays together. I don't feel as if I have made any kind of mistake. But do know, boarding school isn't for everyone. The student should be mature, and ready to learn about themselves and work hard to become the very best they can be.

  • Yes, but depends on the school, the child and the age

    There is no question that the top 20 boarding schools in the US are a great opportunity, and most kids will have a tough time even academically qualifying to attend, and will likely not be accepted. These are very, very difficult schools to get in to. If your high school student is a top student, is ready for high school at the highest level, and can perform well on the SAT test, than boarding school is a fantastic option, both academically and socially. If, however, parents are looking to dump their average child at a second rate boarding school for their kid that is younger than high school... That is a disgrace, unless the circumstances are so extreme that some kind of specialized boarding school is needed for intervention purposes. So there is really no "yes" or "no" answer to the question. It depends on the circumstances.

  • Boarding School is manadatory for each child

    Yes I do believe that Boarding school should be made mandatory for each child. It is important for the overall development of a child which is really difficult to provide when the child in a day school. We adults understand the importance of networks more than ever in these tough economic times. Networks of friends and acquaintances who know you, understand you and can vouch for you are one of the lasting benefits of a boarding school experience. When you live with your classmates 24/7, you really get to know them. You also appreciate them, and, even more important, learn to get along with them. The diverse nature of most boarding school populations these days means that your child has the potential for a network of friends which literally could stretch around the world.

  • Boarding does Matter!

    Boarding means getting into ivy league colleges. In addition, it makes you interact as a family member to your teachers and friends. Boarding is the best! It's splendid!!! Boarding life will make you learn how to be independent and be disciplined. You will encounter all smart kids and build a very good relationship with the school!

  • Independent Organized Self-Reliance

    Studying at a boarding school enables one to interact with people from diverse multicultural and multinational backgrounds, exposing one to different lifestyles and making one more adaptable to various situations. Therefore, one is well- equipped to deal with daily challenges, open to trying out new tasks that foster better learning,

  • Great core values. Good all round education. Friends for life

    Boarding school is what you make of it and what your parents do to support you. If you are simply outsourced, then the outcome would be no better if they kept you at home. If you are encouraged, supported and engaged in a shared experience it is great. In any case boarders will always outperform day boys because of the extra time at school and with their peers.

  • Is that even a question?

    About two years ago, I sent my 15 years old girl to an american boarding school. I'd have to say that i couldn't have missed her more, but in the end, it was all worth it. Don't get me wrong, My child is very smart, but, she always failed math. When my child came back, i couldn't be happier. It's amazing how her grades went up (EVEN IN MATH!) and now shes more mature then ever. She said that she had the best time of her life and she'll do it over and over again if she could.
    Of course while she was there, we talked on Skype every two days and she always bragged about how beautiful the place is, and how much it helps her want to learn more. She also introduce me to many of the friends she gained. She said that in that whole year, even the learning was fun. Anyway, tomorrow, i'm sending my child there again after a year break.
    That boarding school is so great and beautiful, with many outstanding activities. Http://www.Boardingschoolreview.Com/school_ov/school_id/587

  • Encourages independence and confidence

    Absolutely fantastic experience for children, as long as regular contact with parents and quality family time in holidays. I was sent to boarding school as I lived in an African country where school stopped at 11 years old. I went 3 months before my 11th birthday and I loved boarding school. It teaches you so much about being independent, confident and resilient. It teaches exemplary social skills and self esteem. Yes, there is bullying (as there is in all schools) but boarding schools generally tackle this issue much better as it can't be passed off to parents to handle. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Its not just for rich people as my parents were busy doing work in vulnerable communities and my fathers employer paid for me to go as they needed my fathers skills. Its really ignorant to condemn boarding schools if you've never been.

  • I miss family

    As I am in a boarding school, I miss my family a lot and the memories which I had with them makes me feel like crying. A child always needs family support and teach to be a good human being. Staying in a boarding school makes a child feel lacking of love and loneliness which affects her study and even make better possibilities to get spoiled.

  • Boarding schools are a farce

    It is clear that those ignorant, snobby and lazy parents will undoubtedly send their children away, only to be ruthlessly cast aside by virtue of the serious mismanagement and carelessness of the staff. Whenever the thought comes to mind of children receiving an unparalleled education at the expense of losing their entire childhood memories with their family, the immediate thought that should immediately come to mind and shake even the coldest of hearts, is how will the child cope with the psychological distress of living without genuine role models within their lives, as opposed to what are, in essence, strangers.

  • Boarding school does not give children a good social background and makes it more difficult when they enter the real world.

    Boarding school keeps students in a bubble. They do not have exposure to the same troubles and life experiences as students who attend public school. Public school gives students a better grasp on the reality of what life is like for students less fortunate than themselves, because students who attend boarding school typically come from more well-off families.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Children don't ever benefit from attending boarding school.

    There are several disadvantages to attending boarding school. There are some social network sites that are blocked during the school week. In most boarding schools, you can only go so far away from the premises when you wish to go out with friends over the weekend. Many boarding schools are religious, and students are often forced to attend and sit through services that may not pertain to their beliefs. Younger pupils are often bullied by older boarders and patronized by staff members. Parents shift the job of disciplining their child onto the school and staff.

  • Abandonment- limited- involvement

    Young children need the stability love and support of their family when growing up. Lack of true love and nourishment is the source of decay in our present environment.

    Children need to be guided by those who love them not left alone to float without a raft, rudder or guide.

  • No logical reason.

    Most of the boarding schools have a really good education. But family is much more important than a good education. Family is not just an important thing, it is everything. Also a student does not have to attend a boarding school in order to attend a good collage, if he/she really wants to do it he/she studies regularly and successes. Also it will become easier with the support of family. I wrote all of this because ı am a boarding high school student

  • Boarding schools interrupt normal emotional growth of children becoming adults.

    Not all boarders become troubled adults. But when you consider that most political elite in the West are detached from the real world, you realise how the detached 'self negation', inherent neglecting regime suffered in the vulnerable growing years contributed to this.
    No civilization abused their children as much as ours. And boarding schools do not enhance all kids' skills, atleast non-academic fortitude, real world skills, interpersonal and relationship skills. Peaople learn from real family and real community. Not from the bubble of the artificial communities of the rich kids in a rich environment. Recipe for social disaster. The industry is able to convince everyone to part their kids and money on a gargantum scale. Regularly puts out articles in the news media (The Times 15 December 2014) supporting their 'supposed benefits' to the kids health. What a farce.

  • No, children do not benefit from boarding school, because those children will miss out on important life lessons that can only be taught in a family.

    Life consists of far more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some may argue that boarding schools may offer top notch education. However, there are some things in life that can only be learned at home and in a family setting. Kids who attend boarding schools may miss out on these important life lessons during their developmental stages in life.

    Posted by: Sk8brdrCar
  • It is important to solidifying nuclear family relationships that the child be raised at home.

    School is often a difficult experience for many children. It is certainly filled with ups, downs, trials, and tribulations. It is important to have the support of your parents during these times. It is also important to have the guidance of a parent during these times, as peers can easily lead a child astray. Boarding schools cannot monitor, nor give a child, all the support that they need on a daily basis. The lack of support by a parent can make a child feel abandoned. This feeling of abandonment tears at the nuclear family fabric.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • It teaches you the wrong order of things

    It teaches to suppress your feelings and lie to yourself and to those who love you the most, right when you are in the learning stage of life, and when experiences shape you for life.
    It teaches you to put the most important people in your life in second position, after work and the institution you are a part of.
    You grow up not knowing how to look after children- other than sending them off to a training place for children- so you will find it very difficult to meet the needs of your own children.
    A good boarding school is only better than home, for the child who has an abusive or neglecting home, or a very disfunctional family.
    It is also beneficial when a mature child (some can be very mature around 15), decides that it would be better for him/her.
    Otherwise, and against the will of the child, definately not.

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