Do children benefit from attending boarding school?

  • Some children absolutely benefit from boarding.

    Some high-achieving high school age students want the challenge, Independence, And exposure to the diversity of people from all over the country, World, And economic backgrounds that few environments (I can't think of any) other than a boarding school can provide. My boarding child has friends from all over the country and world, And those friends come from all manner of economic backgrounds--nearly 1/2 of the class receives financial aid--and have many different races. Despite their very different backgrounds, My child's classmates share the common trait of being stand-out students at their prior schools. In other words, Boarding schools offer great students the opportunity to learn from the experiences of smart kids from all manner of backgrounds, Kids who are of like biological age and intellectual ability and curiosity. That said, The schools are rigorous and demand a lot of effort from their students. It's the right environment for the child who truly wants to be seriously challenged, But I don't think it's right for everyone.

  • International IB Program Rocks

    Our child left a top ten college prep school to attend a low-key boarding school program with the IB program, and is loving every moment of it. No more Gucci-clad kids, etc., real kids, real school, kids from all over the world. Our child chose it, wanted it, in 11th grade. We support our kids 100%

  • Connections - For life,

    In many boarding schools, lets focus on the alpine switz ones, witch, face it, cost ALOT of money, so the children are mingling with other ... Fortunate children, giving them connections etc. for later life, so they can be successful. It also increases your chance into getting into top unis.

  • Well I say yes

    The reason why I say yes is because the conditions at home could be bad for the student. Now I do agree the student should have a say but I also think that boarding schools are somewhat beneficial. They are beneficial to the kids that don't have kind parents in other words abusive parents. Now boarding schools also have problems like missing family friends ect but I think the beneficial factors are for the parents who struggle in razing there kids and the kids who are abused or treated badly by the parents. It also teaches the kid how to live on there own.

  • Helps to stand on our own feet

    In my opinion boarding schools are the best for children as it helps us to understand the outer world in a better way.In these schools students are left alone with their own work and their are no parents to spoon feed us.There we are fully exposed to the outer world so we can understand the problems of outer world and solve our problems on our own.This is all how it helps us to learn how to stand on our own feet without any one's help.

  • They help children

    Boarding schools teach young people to become confident and well rounded adults in their future life's. It helps children to manage things on their own and handle their life without parents. In my opinion I would say is boarding schools are helpful in our lives and in children's life. Thank You!!!

  • Yes they do

    They do because of Friends that are made, people come from all over the world and are all different so you will find a good friend in there somewhere. Boarding school also improves family education because you are not always near each other so the time you send together is more vault.

  • All Good Kids

    My son who attends Blair Academy came home to our house in Colts Neck and brought along his three friends he wrestles with. One of the kids lives in Alpine, one is from Little Silver which is in our county, and the other is from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. All obviously come from rich and wealthy families like my kid and I think that is great! I grew up attending the Ranney shool where Bruce Springsteen's kids went to school. So I think its great that even though I came from a wealthy family and now my kid does and his friends, none of them are snobby as they portray rich kids on TV and in Movies. All kids including mine are grateul and understand how lucky they are. And guess what I would rather have my kid involved in a cocaine ring at his wealthy school then doing and smoking other drugs like meth, weed, and heroin. Public schools are just sad. Whether its boarding school or private day school just do not send your kid to public school with poor kids unless the public school is a very good school.

  • Cause they can

    A aaaaaaa time in holidays. I was sent to boarding school as I lived in an African country where school stopped at 11 years old. I went 3 months before my 11th birthday and I loved boarding school. It teaches you so much about being independent, confident and resilient. It teaches exemplary social skills and self esteem. Yes, there is bullying (as there is in all schools) but boarding schools generally tackle this issue much better as it can't be passed off to parents to handle. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Its not just for rich people as my parents were busy doing work in vulnerable communities and my fathers employer paid for me to go as they needed my fathers skills. Its really ignorant to condemn boarding schools if you've never been.

  • Good for the child

    Children these days need to understand life is no bed of roses, it's tough, for a start when I was at school (non-boarding school) all I was allowed to do was homework, tea then bed - if I was lucky a spot of television. No homework then I was set a home project.

  • Boarding schools are a farce

    It is clear that those ignorant, snobby and lazy parents will undoubtedly send their children away, only to be ruthlessly cast aside by virtue of the serious mismanagement and carelessness of the staff. Whenever the thought comes to mind of children receiving an unparalleled education at the expense of losing their entire childhood memories with their family, the immediate thought that should immediately come to mind and shake even the coldest of hearts, is how will the child cope with the psychological distress of living without genuine role models within their lives, as opposed to what are, in essence, strangers.

  • I miss family

    As I am in a boarding school, I miss my family a lot and the memories which I had with them makes me feel like crying. A child always needs family support and teach to be a good human being. Staying in a boarding school makes a child feel lacking of love and loneliness which affects her study and even make better possibilities to get spoiled.

  • Children don't ever benefit from attending boarding school.

    There are several disadvantages to attending boarding school. There are some social network sites that are blocked during the school week. In most boarding schools, you can only go so far away from the premises when you wish to go out with friends over the weekend. Many boarding schools are religious, and students are often forced to attend and sit through services that may not pertain to their beliefs. Younger pupils are often bullied by older boarders and patronized by staff members. Parents shift the job of disciplining their child onto the school and staff.

  • Abandonment- limited- involvement

    Young children need the stability love and support of their family when growing up. Lack of true love and nourishment is the source of decay in our present environment.

    Children need to be guided by those who love them not left alone to float without a raft, rudder or guide.

  • Not good .

    Away from home , mean dormmaster with a satanic twist , studying day and night , no contact with girls to speak of , mild sexual abuse and hazing leaving bruises , repeating a year before i started , chores at 06:30 done in fear ,to this day never married and still trying to heal .

  • No, children do not benefit from boarding school, because those children will miss out on important life lessons that can only be taught in a family.

    Life consists of far more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some may argue that boarding schools may offer top notch education. However, there are some things in life that can only be learned at home and in a family setting. Kids who attend boarding schools may miss out on these important life lessons during their developmental stages in life.

    Posted by: Sk8brdrCar
  • It is important to solidifying nuclear family relationships that the child be raised at home.

    School is often a difficult experience for many children. It is certainly filled with ups, downs, trials, and tribulations. It is important to have the support of your parents during these times. It is also important to have the guidance of a parent during these times, as peers can easily lead a child astray. Boarding schools cannot monitor, nor give a child, all the support that they need on a daily basis. The lack of support by a parent can make a child feel abandoned. This feeling of abandonment tears at the nuclear family fabric.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Boarding school does not give children a good social background and makes it more difficult when they enter the real world.

    Boarding school keeps students in a bubble. They do not have exposure to the same troubles and life experiences as students who attend public school. Public school gives students a better grasp on the reality of what life is like for students less fortunate than themselves, because students who attend boarding school typically come from more well-off families.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Children should be with their family..

    I will never recommend boarding school for children. A child need to get their family's support, love and affection. They will miss these all things when they send to a boarding school. Staying in a boarding school makes a child feel loneliness that may affect his/her study. Also have a chance to get spoiled.

  • Boarding school is not good for mental health and normal relationships.

    Boarding school is not good for mental health and normal relationships.
    Kids do not interact with each others normally like people do in real life, they are very isolated and living in pressure. It's simply not good for their mental health, and it's not a normal life. They do not experience the life we are living right now; It's even worse if it's a boy school; it seriously affects teen's mental health and their right to choose.

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