Do children benefit from attending boarding school?

  • Boarding school can be good for kids because it gives a structure that some need.

    While boarding schools are not for everybody, in some cases young people benefit from them. Being away from home can be helpful if the home environment is not loving. Being in a structured setting where behavior is monitored can also help young people with discipline problems. It is better to be in this kind of setting than to be left to run wild while both the mother and the father work long hours. The networking and peer community-building that can happen in residential schools can also help kids mature. Not everyone would be happy in a boarding school, but in some cases it is the best choice.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • I support boarding schools; they provide a self-sufficient, self-contained environment.

    In the boarding school environment, the centralization of life and school into one atmosphere affords the child a level of consistency and stability, and it cuts down on certain extemporaneous stressors. For example, for some parents and students, the daily grind of simply getting from one place to the other and back can become counterproductive and even inhibitory to a positive learning experience.

    Posted by: LudicrousJosh83
  • I believe that children do benefit from attending boarding school, if the curriculum and program are set up correctly.

    If children are sent to a boarding school with a well-planned curriculum and extracurricular activities, I think they have a real chance to thrive. I do not think that boarding school should serve as a "babysitter" for parents who do not want to deal with their children. There definitely needs to be regular visits and activities planned with parental involvement. A boarding school provides students the opportunities to really bond with their peers and with the faculty, which could develop into some really great relationships that benefit them later on.

    Posted by: R04chIsi
  • If the school is building character and well managed, it can be a benefit.

    This is not a black and white issue. Some children may benefit more than others depending on their needs. Some parents may be inadequate, in which case a boarding school would be preferable. Some schools may be inadequate so the parents may be more beneficial. This question can not be answered in a general manner.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • They build much stronger friendships

    as they spend added amounts of time with their peers and with stronger friendships, comes a more positive attitude. A positive attitude will lead to students putting in more work and essentially getting better grades. They have structure in their lives which may be lacking at home and they also will become more independent due to not having their parents around, which will be very valuable for life after school.

  • It dose

    Students can learn other culture. They can study in real situation amd they can feel various cultures
    Furthermore, they can learn cultural variation etc.
    I think boarding school is beneficial to students. In fact, I want to go, but I can't do it. Because of some family's financial problem. It is really helpful.

  • Of course

    Children, by going to boarding school, gain independence and a sense of familiar community that can not be compared with day school. They are surrounded by their peers where they learn how to interact with their peers, they learn from each other and gain sympathy, empathy, and understanding of other people and their lifestyles. they are given opportunities unavailable to everyone else, the chance to learn and be friends with people from all around they world.

  • Yes!

    I attend a boarding school myself and I can honestly say that I have never had a better life experience. I have learned so many life lessons, about cultures from all around the world, gained independence, and made so many friends that will last me a life time, they are like my family away from home.

  • There are many positive benefits to a boarding education

    Students have 24/7 access to teachers and learning facilities and supervised homework sessions each night, which usually means far better grades. Students develop a sense of independence while still being in a safe and secure, supervised environment. Travel time to and from school is eliminated, allowing more time for study, sports and social interactions. Students also learn to live with others outside the family and the life-skills that go along with this.

  • Boarding schools are beneficial!

    Yes! People have a stereotypical saying that kids who go to boarding schools don't see their parents and are disciplined with beatings and yelled at, but this isn't military school. This is boarding school and teachers are very laid back and relaxed. They don't beat you and children see their parents probably every break they have and on weekends. Christmas is two to three weeks, Thanksgiving is one week, spring break is about three weeks. As well in winter and every four weeks, the students have a four-day break.

    Kids there aren't snobby rich kids. Many are on scholarships and children there are very accepting. Students are also getting a first-class education and most are accepted into Ivy League colleges, whereas public school kids have a lesser chance. So don't jump to conclusions about how horrible boarding schools are. They aren't bad and I know from first hand experience. Check out the Andover Song on YouTube; this will definitely change your mind about boarding school.

  • Boarding schools are a farce

    It is clear that those ignorant, snobby and lazy parents will undoubtedly send their children away, only to be ruthlessly cast aside by virtue of the serious mismanagement and carelessness of the staff. Whenever the thought comes to mind of children receiving an unparalleled education at the expense of losing their entire childhood memories with their family, the immediate thought that should immediately come to mind and shake even the coldest of hearts, is how will the child cope with the psychological distress of living without genuine role models within their lives, as opposed to what are, in essence, strangers.

  • I miss family

    As I am in a boarding school, I miss my family a lot and the memories which I had with them makes me feel like crying. A child always needs family support and teach to be a good human being. Staying in a boarding school makes a child feel lacking of love and loneliness which affects her study and even make better possibilities to get spoiled.

  • Children don't ever benefit from attending boarding school.

    There are several disadvantages to attending boarding school. There are some social network sites that are blocked during the school week. In most boarding schools, you can only go so far away from the premises when you wish to go out with friends over the weekend. Many boarding schools are religious, and students are often forced to attend and sit through services that may not pertain to their beliefs. Younger pupils are often bullied by older boarders and patronized by staff members. Parents shift the job of disciplining their child onto the school and staff.

  • Abandonment- limited- involvement

    Young children need the stability love and support of their family when growing up. Lack of true love and nourishment is the source of decay in our present environment.

    Children need to be guided by those who love them not left alone to float without a raft, rudder or guide.

  • Not good .

    Away from home , mean dormmaster with a satanic twist , studying day and night , no contact with girls to speak of , mild sexual abuse and hazing leaving bruises , repeating a year before i started , chores at 06:30 done in fear ,to this day never married and still trying to heal .

  • No, children do not benefit from boarding school, because those children will miss out on important life lessons that can only be taught in a family.

    Life consists of far more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some may argue that boarding schools may offer top notch education. However, there are some things in life that can only be learned at home and in a family setting. Kids who attend boarding schools may miss out on these important life lessons during their developmental stages in life.

    Posted by: Sk8brdrCar
  • It is important to solidifying nuclear family relationships that the child be raised at home.

    School is often a difficult experience for many children. It is certainly filled with ups, downs, trials, and tribulations. It is important to have the support of your parents during these times. It is also important to have the guidance of a parent during these times, as peers can easily lead a child astray. Boarding schools cannot monitor, nor give a child, all the support that they need on a daily basis. The lack of support by a parent can make a child feel abandoned. This feeling of abandonment tears at the nuclear family fabric.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Boarding school does not give children a good social background and makes it more difficult when they enter the real world.

    Boarding school keeps students in a bubble. They do not have exposure to the same troubles and life experiences as students who attend public school. Public school gives students a better grasp on the reality of what life is like for students less fortunate than themselves, because students who attend boarding school typically come from more well-off families.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Children should be with their family..

    I will never recommend boarding school for children. A child need to get their family's support, love and affection. They will miss these all things when they send to a boarding school. Staying in a boarding school makes a child feel loneliness that may affect his/her study. Also have a chance to get spoiled.

  • Boarding school is not good for mental health and normal relationships.

    Boarding school is not good for mental health and normal relationships.
    Kids do not interact with each others normally like people do in real life, they are very isolated and living in pressure. It's simply not good for their mental health, and it's not a normal life. They do not experience the life we are living right now; It's even worse if it's a boy school; it seriously affects teen's mental health and their right to choose.

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