• Of course children deserve rights

    Just because we're responsible for taking care of them doesn't mean it's okay to deny them any kind of freedoms or rights as a person. I don't understand how somebody could justify them having no rights whatsoever, they often do not know best and need to be denied things for their own good but they still should be able to have an opinion, not be taken advantage of, etc

  • Children Deserve Inalienable Rights

    Yes, children deserve to have rights. The United States Declaration of Independence recognizes three inalienable rights; the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. An inalienable right is one that is ascribed to a person merely by their personhood. Children are persons, therefore, children have these rights.

  • Of course they do

    There are particular ages where it's tough to talk about deserving rights, but all kids no matter what the age deserve the right to consent to anything done to them, I.E surgery or ear piercings, things that will affect them if they have the knowledge that will help them make the decision. Obviously if they are below the age of 10 then some decisions have to be in the parents hands, but with teenager that are reaching the ripe age of 18 deserve more rights then they are given. It is not okay for parents to act as dictators for children who are on the cusp of adulthood, as I have seen before. Many kids deserve respect. For example, in my childhood, my parents would say I would be forced to do as they please without regards to what I'm doing myself or anything. Children are not slaves to their parents every demand. Kids are vulnerable and they can easily be forced into situations because "mommy said so". This mentality that we had in the past needs to stop. Kids need to get respect, and adults need to learn that sometimes a kid doesn't need an authority figure looming over them, they need someone who compromises and someone they feel like they can trust. It's also important to let our kids understand that we are also their parents and we are there to protect them, within reason. I don't see why my child can't do particular things that will allow them to grow up and understand freedom without putting them in harms way.

  • Yes like duh

    Children are the future. If they dont have rights, they dont know who they are and if they don't know who they are, they don't know who they will become, and if they don't know who they'll become, they won't see the point in becoming anything, and then nothing will become anything and we will all die

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