• Yes, to get smarter.

    Kids need more homework because they will get smarter and with less homework kids won't understand how to do something the right way. Some teachers give kids more homework to see how much kids know about what they are teaching to the kids and to see if they need help.

  • Absolutely students need more homework.

    The youth of today definitely needs more homework. What good it will do, I have no idea. It doesn't seem to matter what you do with these kids today. They are just not capable of being as intelligent as the foreigners that are taken over this country. When was the last time you saw a doctor that was born in the U.S.? That's because our kids need more homework, so they can become doctors.

  • I want more homework.

    I want more homework because it helps students to be organized, time management and it help parents to know what we are doing in school. I really think that we should have more homework. This helps us with tests or quizzes. I want more homework! I want more homework today!

  • I want more homework.

    I want more homework because it helps students to be organized, time management and it help parents to know what we are doing in school. I really think that we should have more homework. This helps us with tests or quizzes. I want more homework! I want more homework today!

  • Kids do need homework

    Also it helps there grades and how to problem solve and it helps them grow up plus it helps there behavior and there smartness effects there grades ya also it gives them educational support also it will teach them to not give up thats my story kids need homework YA

  • Kids need more home work

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  • Homework is good you cows!!!

    You weasels need to get a life. Every one knows that most people have about 2 milloseconds worth of homework each night. Why on earth would basically everyone want less homework? It makes no sense at all whatsoever! Of course kids need more homework you waffles!! Children need more homework!!!

  • Homework would help kids understand the concept.

    The kids would get more and more practice on the work until they understand it. They could then get good grades and maybe set a goal for the grades. That would also help children understand and know more things. I also have think a workbook NOT school assigned would help the child.

  • Homework rocks yea

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  • Heck, no!

    Students definitely do not need more homework than we already get. In fact, it's homework that is the main cause for failing grades. Schools can really stress kids with homework. School already takes up enough time as it is, and by the time we get home, we only have like three hours to spend for our personal time before it's time for us to go to bed and start the ridiculous cycle again. Within those few hours we have, we barely even have time to relax! It's constantly this cycle: Do homework as fast as I can, take a break and scarf down supper, try to finish homework, stop and take a shower, go back and finish homework, and the rest depends on if the parents are okay with the child not getting the necessary 8 hours of sleep. My grade is terrible in math because the teacher assigns so much homework every night...AND WEEKEND. I never get a break, and I know my peers don't get much of a break, either. Homework is fairly useless and it takes up most, if not ALL, of our personal family time. Then, if you don't do your homework, the child is forced to a consequence (for me, it's calling your parents in front of the whole class to tell them that you didn't do your homework). Excuse me? IT WAS //MY// PERSONAL TIME. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SPEND //MY PERSONAL TIME// DOING SOMETHING THAT I COULD HAVE DONE IN WASTED SCHOOL HOURS, BECAUSE TEACHERS ARE ALSO GETTING PAID TO SHOW US MOVIES WHEN THERE IS NOTHING ELSE FOR THEM TO DO. Seriously? We're punished because we wanted to spend time with family? Or simply RELAX? Homework has NO positive effect on education whatsoever. What matters is the value of class time. WHAT WE DO IN CLASS, NOT AFTER CLASS. What DOES need to happen, is that the teachers need to use their hours wisely with students. If a student is disruptive, kick them out, then get right back to work. It's obvious that they don't care, anyway. I also think that teachers need to be more tolerant with children who do not understand and work with them. THATS the point when homework is needed. BUT, if it's a student that is doing fairly good, or okay, or perfect, why give it? And if they're going to assign homework, they shouldn't have to assign so much. At least assign one different subject a day, and let the weekend be our spare time. I think that would be a much easier homework system.

    But MORE homework? NO. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

  • Kids Do Not Need More Homework.

    I do not think that kids need more homework. That is not going to improve grades in my opinion because what happens inside the classrooms matters more than the work assigned out of it. I also believe in quality over quantity. If the homework being assigned now is good, there is no need for more.

  • No, they need less.

    Frankly, children already have too much homework. What is needed is an overhaul of the entire educational system, so that teachers are able to use the time they have in school more wisely, and eliminate the need for homework. If less time was taken up with repeat discipline problems and administrative nonsense, teachers would have more time to actually teach!

  • I support learning not homework

    Homework is generally an absolute waste of time and hardly ever contributes to the learning process in my experience. It is often frivolous and detrimental. While I would not say that there should be absolutely no homework given, I do not believe that activities that do not necessarily benefit all students should be frequent and mandatory. It takes away from the time some students might otherwise spend on more productive activities.

  • Of course not!

    Children already spend enough time in school. The problem is not a lack of time. It's a lack of exposure to science and incompetence of teachers, to name a few flaws. Elementary and High School teachers should be as knowledgeable as professors and should be paid as such. Furthermore, exposure to real science, not faith based creationist garbage, would be a huge plus, as well as teaching computer programming and other relevant skills.

  • No more homework

    Kids can get really stress out because they might have to do homework on a busy day. I f they have homework on a busy day they could probably not be able to finish it so they will have a missing homework or a late homework. Some teachers just throw the late ones away ad it will be missing and then that will be what your parents will here on conferences. HOMWORK CAN HURT YOUR GRADE A LITTLE.

  • Kids hate homework, and it often is esoteric, irrelevant and useless to them

    I have a 98% average and am one of those students who cares about their schoolwork. Yet, even I hate homework. Contrary to those who say kids get insufficient, minute quantities of homework on a nightly basis, I average 6 HOURS a night and at least ten every weekend. I aspire to start a business in the future, and I know exactly what field I want to enter into. Considering that, I don't think it is necessary for me to waste six hours a night memorizing chemical formulas, Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams and Iambic pentameter. This is especially true when I have hundreds of business books on my bookshelf which I am dying to read and will benefit me far more than reading Romeo and Juliet or memorizing the rules of Sepak Takraw (yes, I actually had to do that)

  • No more homework!

    If there is more homework, then there is going to be more stress and sometimes stress makes people not concentrate so if people can't focus on the homework, it's basically a waste of time! Plus homework can also cause depression if there is more homework, depression Is something that makes people sad, hopeless or worthless, and more so if you want to find more about depression, search it up on the internet.

  • No more homework!!!!!!!!!

    Homework wastes time and is fucking stupid. I want to kill my history teacher because she assigns at least 3 hours a night. Die, Cadena, Die! I would rather do fun stuff like watch TV, play video games, and watch sports. It also leaves no time for extra-curricular activities. STOP HOMEWORK NOW!!!!!!!!

  • There is already too much!

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