• God lets us make choices

    We chose each day to follow the plan God has created for us. YES he has a plan already laid out BUT he has given us the agency to choose for ourselves if we want to obey or not. Our choices will always have a consequence whether it be good or bad.

  • Consequences on entirely based off of choices

    Similar to cause and effect, when choices are made, the impact of the choice can be positive or negative, such as consequences. Usually, a person knows that he or she is going to face consequences when they make a choice on something risky, such as committing a crime. If he or she didn't make that choice, he or he probably won't face a consequence, for example jail time.

  • The after-effect of choices

    This question is posed to me after a really good friend died of what appears to be a heroin overdose. He was a nice guy, life of the party, and friend to all. He had the one friend, Josh, who was a drug dealer and drug user. So they hung out, were watching a movie, and were doing heroin. Long story short, he overdosed and died at the age of 39. He made the choice to hang out with the drug dealer, and do drugs with him. The consequence was severe, and he payed the ultimate price. So, with a heavy heart, I must agree that the choices one makes does affect the consequence of that choice. RIP, my friend

  • Consequences stem from Choices

    Consequences stem from choices and decisions we make, whether they be good or bad. Even if the decisions aren't made by us directly, we still have to suffer the consequences of those decisions made by others. Take for instance, the choice that someone makes to drink and drive while under the influence. If that person kills someone, then his decision impacted the lives of everyone involved and not just himself.

  • Cause and Effect Patterns Our Lives

    Choices affect consequences in a cause-effect relationship. What we choose to do and how we choose to live our lives means we accept the consequences later. If we smoke, get ready for lung cancer and COPD later. If we drink alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver is on the way. If we abuse our kids, don't expect them to like you later. Choices most definitely lead directly to consequences on a daily basis.

  • Every decision has its consequences

    One can not make any decision in life without making a sacrifice. Every decision every person makes has consequences, whether they big good or bad, minuscule or grand. All choices influence everything else that comes after them and can drastically influence the future, one by one. Consequences, in turn, influence the next choice we are bound to make.

  • Of course they do.

    Choices are not the only thing that affect consequences (otherwise the world would be far more deterministic) but they definitely play a strong part. People can anticipate the probable results of their choices and plan accordingly; this is part of being a thinking and rational person and living in a society.

  • God is Right

    God is the most powerful being that ever existed. He created the earth within seven days, so he controls all of life and what happens to it. Your choices are already predetermined, and also the consequences that come with it. You may think you hold all the power to your decisions, but in fact, your are not the most powerful being.

  • No never

    Consequences are already predetermined. Your choices are already predetermined. Because god can look into the future, means that there is a solid future showing that a person cannot change it. They may feel like they have a choice, but at the end of the day, they were destined to choose what they chose.

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