Do Christians unknowingly celebrate Nimrod's birthday on December 25?

Asked by: mikohen
  • But it's harmless

    It's just a holiday. It's not like we are worshipping them or putting them as our idol or savior. Even Jesus partied and had a good time and enjoyed wine. There's nothing wrong with that inheriently. It's when you make it a religion that it becomes a problem. But Christmas is harmless.

  • Christmas is not biblical.

    According to biblical scholars, Jesus was could not possibly
    have been born on December 25th.
    Because of the time of his birth in relation to the harvest of the
    crops, many experts have said that he was actually probably born in
    September. Also, in the Bible, in
    Jeremiah, it says not to bring a tree into your house and put ornaments on
    it. Many Christians know this, but
    celebrate it anyway because it is tradition.
    It’s no different than celebrating Easter with the Easter Bunny.

  • Christians do not unknowingly celebrate Nimrod's birthday.

    Most Christians do not know who Nimrod was. Every culture has some kind of a winter holiday. It is a coincidence that this pagan festival happens around the same time as the Christian holiday, Christmas. Even if Christ wasn't born on exactly December 25, the holiday still has the same meanig of charity and community.

  • Christmas is simply pagan

    Christmas is not the celebration of "Nimrods" birthday, it's a continuation of various "pagan" celebrations that the Christians of the Roman Empire took as their own after they conquered the Roman state. That's simply where Christmas came from, no conspiracy or anything like that. It's simply a pagan holiday reheated.

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