• College degress lead to success

    College degrees do not promise future success, but they hedge the bets against failure. A college graduate is more likely to get a great job than a college dropout or someone that did not ever go to college. It is no sure thing, but it definitely helps quite a bit.

  • They marginalize on prerequisite requirements of Industrial Knowledge. And diversify Professional Growth. No Shortcuts to Success/Wealth.

    As it has been stated above. All that degrees i know do. Is provide you with opportunities to observe and construct professional knowledge in your industry, and promote engaged learning to challenge ideas and innovation to enhance employment 'prospects' these are only a few out of many assets/properties in which are held as credit, highly attractive to different mixes of employers at different rates, depending on Market/Industrial Hiring Trends and Rates of employment. Do the research/Calculations. So a bit of economical predictions and strategy come into definition on ensuring the security of finding the correct job. You define your path through merit of work ethics in which have gone into the Degree you have, and if your contribute and work as hard as you need to to build you service and professional product. The paper can only go as far. And by my experiences of how useful a 'qualification' goes in interviews. It is not very varied, and somewhat to me is not even requested if you have the right attitudes. All that in the sidelines. If you can alternatively define market entry-level strategies and carefully build your professional portfolio, like what some professionals do. And find a worthy mentor. The hard work automatically overwrites the fact you need a degree. That is the truth.

  • Degrees Are Not A Guarantee

    Due to the recession, which I still feel is going on, a college degree does not ensure future success. For some fields, it may, such as nursing, but for the most part, no. A college degree will not guarantee you work, it will not guarantee you success. There's even the possibility that you won't be able to find any work at all in the field you studied.

  • Those days are over.

    In this year as of 2014, the only thing a college degree will ensure you is about $40,000 worth of educational debt that you will probably carry with you until you retire. Thanks to a contraction of jobs available that are worth anything, plus employers unwilling to hire anyone who hasn't been through college, success is no longer a guarantee with a diploma.

  • No but they help

    Simply having a college degree does not ensure future success but it does help. You still need motivation, effort, and to gain experience. A college degree can open up a lot more doors for you but it will not guarantee anything. There are unemployed people with a degree while non college grads make a lot of money.

  • They often help, but don't guarantee success

    A college degree is not a guarantee of success. A college degree helps people become more marketable and makes it more likely they will be successful. Certain specific or technical degrees are more associated with future success, for example biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering etc but that isn't the only path to future success.

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