Do colleges need to do more about sexual assault on campuses?

  • Considering the polls, yes.

    Students, women and men, have a right to their education and to be safe on their campus. If more isn't done about sexual assault; they're not going to feel safe there because attackers know they can get away.

    On the whole, it's not just colleges that need to do more about rape and sexual assault, loads of places need to do more.

  • Yes colleges need to do more about sexual assault on campuses

    Yes, I think that campuses need to do more about sexual assault on campuses are the cases of sexual assault on campuses seem to be rising. Unfortunately, there seems to be more assaults now more than ever and I think that now is the time for college students to become aware of the dangers of assaults.

  • Campuses Should Be Safe

    College students should not fear their safety on the grounds of their schools. Security needs to be a top priority for staff at all college campuses. In fact, safety should be more carefully considered by students selecting where to enroll. As cynical as it sounds, colleges will respond much more seriously once it becomes a business issue.

  • I disagree. There should be more security.

    In my opinion, there should be gated colleges. The gates should be closed at a certain time, and there should be a guard at a station to allow people in and out. Also, dorms should all be on campus grounds, not in a separate area such as an apartment complex. Women should feel safe if they are going to have nighttime classes. They need to beef up the security.

  • No colleges do not need to do more about sexual assaults on campuses

    No, I do no think that colleges need to do more on sexual assaults on campuses as other sources like the media, Internet, and parents and guardians of college students already do a great job of educating college students about sexual assaults. Colleges should instead focus more on teaching and learning.

  • No, it shouldn't be different than anywhere else

    I don't think that there is any reason for colleges to enforce laws any differently that the rest of the country. It is not really their place to do so. Their job is to provide a service, education, that students are paying for, not to enforce their own made up laws.

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